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Finding the best way to dress for wedding, special event, presentation, date or new job is a challenge for you? Feel confused and lost in this sea of clothes available on the market? Have many clothes in your closet but nothing to wear?  Ok enough! I am here to help – Your Online Virtual Stylist;

Online Virtual Stylist

Comprehensive Three Phase Anywhere in the World Online Consultation. New, Stylish and Beautiful Look Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Home.

Photo Analysis & 90 minute Skype Session for Creative Change. Complete Access Contact with Tia for 3 full Months Following your Consultation.

Detox and build your closet

How many clothes do you have in your closet that you never wear, because you do not know how to make them into outfits?

Declutter and Organize Your Wardrobe! Tia will Visit Your Home and Work With You Right in Your Own Closet! Complete access contact with Tia for 3 full months following your consultation.

Personal style consultation

This is a Private One-on-one Session with Tia Created Specifically for Women and Their Unique Needs.

You will learn all of the best choices you can make not just with your clothes but perfumes, jewelry, the best colors and patterns. Complete access contact with Tia for 3 full months following your consultation.

Luxury Style Package

Up to a Full Day…All Day Anywhere in North America or Europe! Tia will travel to you. She will spend the entire day with you!

This is an exclusive offer for the woman who wants the absolute BEST fashion styling and is ready to make some big changes! Plus complete access contact with Tia for 3 full months following your consultation.

About Me

“Hi and Welcome to my Stylish World! My name is Tia and I am international personal style consultant with clients from Europe and the United States. Through my unique “Dressed by Tia” 3-step system, I help people build an individual style which helps them achieve more in their personal and professional lives. I have almost 20 years experience in creating custom-made clothing for people with different body types, styles, ages, and cultures. This helps me to better understand the needs of my clients and give them exactly what they need.  Read my story here …“”


Tia Shares with You: Fashion Trends, Style Tips, Great Ideas, Fashion News, Interesting Stories, Outfit Ideas, Makeup, Nice Hairstyles,  Stylish Accessorizing and Much More!

What is your body type?

October 2nd, 2017|

What is your body type? How to determine your body type? How to dress your body type? Why is it important to know your body type? It is important to

What people are saying about Online Virtual Stylist Tia

“Do you need help with your wardrobe? Looking for a personal style in clothing? Do you want to dress yourself in a way that people will remember you with your stylish look? Contact Tia and she will help you and …(read more)

Stephanie Prozee, Amsterdam, Netherland, Security interviewer

„Do you ever look in your full of clothes closet and think ‘I’ve got nothing to wear?’ Call Tia! Her sense of style and personalized approach to fashion will help you wade through the good and the not so good in your …(read more)

Julie Broad, Los Angeles, United States, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

“Spending your day with Tia is an amazing experience. I definitely recommend hiring her as your personal stylist. She is friendly, genuine, knowledgeable, and has a sharp eye for fashion. Whether you are tall, short, thin … (read more)

Felissa Hayes, New York, USA, Business Growth Expert

“This is the best stylist I’ve ever met. She’s incredible in building your individual style, tailored to the personality and interests of everyone who has asked her for help. She has an eye for every little detail and she…(read more)

Litviana Kotova, Cologne, Germany, Manager Client Service

“Petia is a very brave woman as she spent years of work in the field of finance and then she moved into the field of fashion which is her passion. Petia is very good in understanding each person style, she has an eye for … (read more)

Evi Koeva, Bournemouth , United Kingdom, Interior designer

“Tia deals almost exclusively with women of course. But as an exception, she changed my entire wardrobe. It was a challenging an uncomfortable experience that ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve made… (read more)


Kevin Hogan, Minneapolis, United States, International Speaker, Author, Body language expert

“Tia, thank you so much for your shopping expertise with me on your last trip to Las Vegas USA.  Your help with choosing the proper colors to match my skin and hair have gained many compliments when I wear what you picked out!… (read more)

Ken Owens, Las Vegas, United States, Entertainment Reporter

“I am very pleased for working with Tia and improving my style. One of my biggest struggle was letting go of old clothes because I had some sentiments. Tia empowered me to step out, think bigger, wider and be free … (read more)

Eliza Pankova, Sofia, Bulgaria, Expert on Development, Psychology and Strategies

“Tia had a very precise and absolutely correct vision of what is appropriate for me and my body type.  I just explained what I wanted in general and she, like a magician converted my ideas in cloths. And the result is amazing! … (read more)

Mira Mladenova, Sofia, Bulgaria, Financial Controller

“Tia gave me some really good advices and tips how to improve my appearance and overall look according to my body type. She has a very good eye for the details, and as we all know they are the things which can change the game.! … (read more)

Tamara Uzunyan, Sofia, Bulgaria, General Manager