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1-on-1 Virtual Style Consultation

Think about it. Do you EVER smile simply becasue you thought of something special you were going to wear? Remember when that used to happen?

Everyone wants to talk with the expert in some part of life that is important to them. Now you get your chance.

You want to know which clothes in your closet you can trash today. Why? Because they’ve been there for years. And you haven’t worn them in…how long? And instead of throwing them away you kept them… why? It’s a lot to think about. You don’t do It with food right?

Your wardrobe could bring you happiness. But today it doesn’t. And it hasn’t for a long, long, time. But there was a time when it made you feel, really special, or at least some pieces did!

Clothes make you feel something! Sometimes you feel wonderful, but not often. Sometimes you feel safe. In fact, that’s most of the time. Sometimes you feel embarrassed and that really makes you unsettled because you don’t want that and you should never experience that again.

You will talk with Tia for 75 minutes. (That’s a fashion hour!)

You’ll get a chance to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask an expert.

“What will I look good in, Tia?”

“What color tops can I buy?”
“How do I convince my husband/boyfriend to let me go for it?”

“How much do I have to spend to really look good!?”

“Can I afford to be ‘stylish’”

“Will I be comfortable with a newer and updated look?”
And those are the questions you’ll want to be prepared to ask… because Tia has questions for you!

She will ask you what drove you to your current wardrobe. You’re actually going to show Tia your closet so she can see exactly where you are at. Then she’ll tell you how you got there and what direction you’re going to go next. But first she will assess your needs and wants along with what current trends may or may not work for you.

You don’t have to be a fashion queen, you have to FEEL good. You want to KNOW that you look as good as anyone else at the office, at the PTA, at the party with the girls or the park with the kids!

If you are ready to proceed your style on the next level this 1-on-1 Virtual Style Consultation will help you do this!

And the day after your appointment you’ll notice that you no longer feel the need to wonder. Never again will you be curious if you have made the right choice or not. Never again will you think, “Oh I better wear that just to be on the ‘safe side.’”

Those thoughts are now gone for good.

The world doesn’t change in an hour, even a fashion hour, but it does SHIFT. And that shift is something special. Why? Freedom. You are going to be given freedom to add color to your life again! It’s about TIME!

And you’ll have the freedom to be rid of the negative looks from other people. It wasn’t about you, it was about a look and it won’t be there next time.

Well….that’s not totally right… because of course people get very, very jealous when they see someone look better than they do themselves…

Each day now comes with a breath of fresh air.  Now you look in the mirror and you see yourself in a new and different way. You might be a little nervous and think, “am I really more beautiful than I was yesterday?”

It seems odd but your confidence will not wane when you know you have made the best choices for you… and this is important… your best choices really are VERY different from everyone else’s best choices. You have a different body, hair color, complexion, eye color, facial structure than every other woman on the planet. And because that is a fact it is obvious that adorning that look to it’s potential is different for everyone. You don’t want to wear her clothes, you want to wear the clothes that bring out your best feelings, emotions and give you that eye catching appeal.

Starting tomorrow you‘ll know that your inner beauty is no metaphor. You’ll also know that clothes by themselves are just fabrics. But on your body they bring out YOU completely through your appearance and how you see yourself while others look at you.

It seems silly to say “you’re special,” but the fact is you really are. It’s nature, it’s life and your uniqueness is totally you.

Tia has a fundamental principle in fashion choice. You want to choose the best clothing choices you can given the time and money that you have for the moment. You can’t always get something perfect but you can get the most perfect look for the time and the money that you have.

And here’s how that looks in reality.

It means that when you open your closet in six months you’ll realize that everything you bought was with and for a purpose. And everything you choose will get worn again and again.

Most women have a closet full of clothing that they will never wear again. That means if they spent $50 and wore something once the Cost Per Wear was $50, and THAT is ridiculous. If you spend $100 and wear the top 50 times that is a Cost Per Wear of $2. The math is simple and over a few years yoru cost of shopping actually decreases because you LOVE what is in your closet.

It’s actually exciting to walk into the closet and have GOOD choices to make between clothes you LIKE instead of avoiding clothes you don’t like. Clothes you don’t like don’t belong in the closet. Clothes tht don’t fit don’t belong in the closet. Clothes that fit 15 years ago and not today absolutely must go. And these clothes were an expense that is long gone.

And here’s some additional good news.

Tia will show you how dressing in certain styles can help keep you looking more fit for a lot longer than you might have guessed. Remember to ask her how…

This is my ideology that I always aim for in my work. Build a wardrobe to give you maximum pleasure, comfort and  convenience.

Convenience in the closet is extremely important.

Tia knows how stressful it is for you to spend time each morning getting your clothes for the day. It can take up quite a bit of time and inspiration just to get out of the closet.

That time and inspiration will be put to better use going forward.

From now on you don’t need to be inspired to put together the look of the day. Now you’ll be able to KNOW you have the right clothes in the right combinations.

You’ll be correctly matching colors, patterns and styles that work on you and not someone on television.

There are two aspects that are most important in your “1-on-1 Virtual Style Consultation.”

First,  Tia helps you have a ready-to-use wardrobe that is full of clothes that bring you joy.

And second, that very fact helps you to make a perfect first and sometimes even more perfect second impression to others J

What do you get from this consultation and awesome follow up?

Simply talking with someone who is a proven expert in the field is a gift all by itself. You have a chance to listen to someone who has been in the fashion world for 17 years. You now can find out the answers from someone who has drawn the designs, dressed celebrities and even personally hand sewn the clothes. Tia often says, “I like to stay in touch with the fabrics.”

It’s like the builder who gets his hands in the soil every now and then. Every aspect of dress matters. Clothes are special in addition to being functional.

– You get a full, in-depth styling analysis of your current look, whether it’s truly even close to optimal for you and then, how you can improve it;

– Through a specially developed digital system, Tia prepares an individual color analysis to determine which colors are the most suitable for you. You‘ll be shown a palette of colors that will make you look fresher, more relaxed and even younger. It feels good when a number of people say, “hey how do you REALLY look younger?”

Never heard it before? Don’t be surprised if you do now…

– Tia prepares your individual analysis for your body, explaining which outfits would be best suited to you, what patterns will cause you to dazzle and sparkle, and which combinations are the right ones for you and who you are;

– You get to see five completely ready-to-wear combinations of clothes, accessories, and jewelry that you can have in your wardrobe ready to be worn.

No longer do you waste time choosing and combining your clothes every morning. Tia has combined them in the most appropriate way to make it easier for you. You will find these clothes in your Personal Virtual Wardrobe, where you can find up-to-date comments on the questions you may ask right below each of the outfits in the image you see.

How your 1 on 1 Consultation works:

Step 1 Book Your Service

After you book this service you will receive a personal message from Tia with all the details, dates and instructions that you will need to know to begin!

Step 2  Complete Your Pre-Consult Fashion Styling Inventory

It’s easy! Here is where Tia will ask you a few questions to have a better understanding of you and your current style. What do you like? what do you avoid? (WHY?!)  What do you usually wear in your everyday life?  How do you typically pick your clothes?

Step 3  Virtual ‘Style Discovery’ session

Are you ready to share everything you would like to see in your wardrobe with Tia?

Now is the time! It’s a golden opportunity to share your innermost thoughts, desires and wishes with someone who understands and listens for your benefit!

Step 4 Get your Full personal Style Analysis

Within 10 days following your call with Tia you will get your Personal Style Analysis in a 15 page PDF File where you will find five sections:

Your color palette – Here is where you will discover which color will make you look fresh and younger, which patterns are best for you and how to match them. Through a specially developed digital system, Tia prepares an individual color analysis to determine which colors are the most suitable for you.

“Fitting and proportions” – Now is the time to learn what your body type is from Tia. This matters because now you can accent your strengths and find out creative ways to minimize your problem areas. You will also receive tips on how to optimize your overall body appearance.

– “Your Style” – Each woman has many ‘looks’ or ‘styles.’ You find out what your primary AND secondary styles are!  This will allow you to express your mood, inner emotions you want others to see and the appearance you want to project  today.

– “Personal Fashion Board” – Tia selects the best cuts and designs that will flatter your body.  On your computer you’ll see exactly which clothes Tia wants you to be looking at both as an inspiration and as a guide to creating your own look.

– “Your Very Own 5 Outfits” – your personal Virtual Wardrobe is HERE, waiting to be discovered! Five completely detailed, individual, ready to wear ideas are going to be suggested to you. You can buy these outfits now or over the coming months.


Each DAY for TWO weeks (!) Tia will help you by looking at your clothing changes each day. (You take the photo and send it to Tia. She writes back with her comments and for this month, this bonus service is included at no additional fee.)

For example, Monday you are encouraged to wear a jacket. Tuesday it will be suggested to add a scarf or maybe casual shoes. Tia will also need you to act with a creative flair! If you haven’t felt creative about your look, you will now!

Each day you will take a picture of you with the outfit and Tia will feedback on your entire look. It is a revelation to see what you are doing well and what you will do differently next time!

A 1 on 1 consultation with Tia…that keeps you in touch with a premiere fashion mind for two weeks!

1-on-1 Virtual Style Consultation

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