What is your body type? How to determine your body type? How to dress your body type?

Why is it important to know your body type?

It is important to have the body type determined, as it helps a lot when choosing clothes. When we know what patterns, colors, combinations and lengths will look good on us, we can easily maintain wardrobe with clothes that we love and wear with confidence.

Most people wear no more than 40% of their wardrobe, and decide that the other 60% will be in use some day. But this day never comes. The truth is that we know that the clothes we don’t wear are not for us. If something looks good on us and we like ourselves in it, we are inpatient to put it on. Right? These clothes are the clothes that make us have better self-esteem and we often wear them and they become our favorite clothes.

Choosing clothes in most cases is quite casual. What do I mean? We all know that shopping is an emotional process. We take clothes based on what catches our eyes, or what the shop assistant advises us, or we relate it to memories. Often these garments turn out to be chaotically selected, and this results in accumulation of piles of clothes we do not wear.

What would happen, however, if we have a precise structure and clear idea in which clothes to invest? Imagine that as soon as you enter a store (even a virtual one) you know exactly what you need. Will not you pick up the purchasing options much faster than if you rely on the emotion?

This way what we have in our wardrobe will be favorite clothes in which you like yourself and which you know that show your body in the best way.

Here is the importance of knowing what body type we have. When we have this information we could easily decide which clothes will be most suitable for us. This will save us time, fluctuations, and last but not least money.

How to define our body type?

The best way to define your body type is to measure your shoulders, breasts, waist and hips. If these measures are in the hands of a professional, he/she could easily make the necessary calculations in order to say exactly what is your body type.

However in order to do it yourself, once you have these measures, you simply have to draw four parallel lines so they have one centre. As they visualize your body it will be good if they drawn in proportional distance between them. Then look at the lines drawn this way.

  1. If the top two lines dominate (i.e. shoulders and breast) than your body type is inverted triangle. Often ladies with this body type also have pronounced breasts;
  2. If this relates to the bottom line – then your body type is a triangle;
  3. If the top two lines are relatively equal to the bottom line but the middle line (the waist) is considerably smaller, then your body type is hour glass;
  4. If your waist line is not clearly defined but is any way smaller than the breast and the hips, then your body type is rectangular;
  5. If it turns out that your waist is bigger or equal to the circumference of the hips, breast and shoulders, then your body type is oval;

Your body is likely to have the features of two of the body types, described above. If this is the case then probably you are a mixed body type. In this case you have to follow the recommendations for the both types. In order to be sure, I would recommend that you contact a tailor or stylist for more precise judgment.

It is important to keep in mind that these body types can be encountered at different heights.

So let’s see how we should dress related to our body type:

  1. Triangle body type

    (Bigger in the bottom, hips and thighs)

What to wear?

– Tops with fun details like ruffles or other embellishments

– Darker patterns for trousers and skirts

– Printed tops

– Structured jackets and blazers

– Mid-rise jeans with stretch

– Strapless tops and dresses

– A-line skirts in a darker color than ontop

– Boat necklines

– Horizontally striped blouses, shirts, jackets

– Vests, jackets, coats with a length above the hips or maxi length

– Shiny bigger necklaces and earrings

– Scarfs to decorate the neck

– High-heeled shoes

What not to wear?

– Printed jeans

– Pants and skirts in bold colors

– Heavy materials on your bottom half (like tweed)

– 3-dimensionial details like pockets on your bottom half

– Long tops and tunics that cover your bottom half

– Very tight jeans

– Very low waists

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  1. Inverted triangle body type

    (Bigger on the top, bigger bust and/or shoulders)


What to wear?

– Cowl-neck tops

– Tops with wider straps

– Voluminous skirts to balance your top half

– Supportive bras

– Printed pants and skirts

– Wide-legged or flare cut pants

– Single-button jackets

– Trousers and skirts with bold colors

– Pointy toe pumps and boots

– Three-quarter sleeves

– Peplum tops and jackets

What not to wear?

– Tops that are too revealing

– Baggy tops and dresses that hang from the bust

– Anything with spaghetti straps

– Shirts with ruffles

– Skinny jeans

– Tight/slim cut skirts

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  1. Hourglass body type

    (Equal top and bottom, shoulders and hips have a slight difference, defined waist;)


What to wear?

– Belts to highlight the well-formed waist

– Flared skirts and dresses

– Fit and flare dresses

– Pencil skirts and dresses right above the knee

– A-line dresses and skirts with

– Tight-fitting clothing

– Tailored clothing with plenty of structure

– Wrap dresses

– Tops with a halter silhouette

– Mermaid-cut dresses

What not to wear?

– Shapeless tops

– Tent dresses

– Micro mini skirts

– Plunging necklines

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  1. Rectangle body type 

    (Figure without strong curves, the waist is almost equal to the chest and hips)

What to wear?

– Asymmetrical clothing

– Strategically placed horizontal lines to highlight the hips and shoulders

– Garments with strategic seaming (princess seams)

– Blouses and shirts with thin straps

– Pleated skirts

– Knits and other figure hugging materials

– Backless and plunging necklines

– Cap sleeves

– A-line skirts and dresses

What not to wear?

– Clothing that you can’t “fill out” around the hips

– Overly baggy clothing

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  1. Round body type

    (Larger middle body, bigger belly)

What to wear?

– Draped dresses and skirts

– Dresses with a higher waist under the bust

– Dresses and blouses with peplum

– Any dresses that can optically reduce the volume with their cut

– Dresses and blouses showing shoulders

– Wide-legged pants

– Dresses highlighting the waist right below the bust

– Sweaters with a looser weave

– Wider belts on the natural waist

– Open coats, jackets and coats with large collars

– A-line skirts and dresses

– V-neck tops (the deeper, the better)

– Single button jackets

– Ruching on tops and blouses

What not to wear?

– Low rise pants and jeans

– Skinny jeans and leggings

– Three-button jackets (you will look stuffed into it)

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