What is a capsule wardrobe and who is it most suitable for?

The beginning of autumn is a great time to rethink the wardrobe and reorganize our clothes in a brand new way.  The capsule wardrobe is a wonderful method for that.

But what exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

It is a small well-estimated collection of clothing that provides effective combinations for our everyday needs.

Where does the term “wardrobe capsule” originate from?

In fact, this term was used for the first time in the 1970s. The founder of a small London boutique called “Wardrobe” – Susie Faux, proclaims her view that every lady should invest in eternal models that never go out of style and are easily combined with each other, as well as with other clothes. She considers this the secret to the perfect appearance.

The capsule wardrobe aquires worldwide popularity in 1985 when designer Donna Karan presents her first collection. It is specifically focused on how it is possible to create a different appearance from a single element in our wardrobe. For this purpose, she dresses up seven models with the same black bodysuits, different only in the neck shape. They began dressing up on the runway with various accessories to their bodysuits in order to show the different looks they could achieve only by a few different uses of a single item in their wardrobe. This way Donna Karan declares her vision of the modern person’s clothing. She says, “In today’s busy everyday life, we are looking for all sorts of options to simplify our lives. We have invented fast food so we don`t waste time in cooking, but we haven`t figured out how to do this in our closet. ”

In fact, Donna Karen is right. And I think most of you would agree. Every day we have to make choices that take away from our time. Maybe you have not thought about it, but we have a certain amount of reasonable solutions to take every day. If we start the day by choosing our clothes, then we use a part of that capacity even before we`ve started the important part of our day. That is why many celebrities have simplified their clothing to basic daily combinations that don`t take much time and attention every day. Just think of Mark Zuckerberg, Giorgio Armani, Barack Obama, Karl Lagerfeld and you will immediately understand what I mean.

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How to create our very own capsule wardrobe?

It is an assumption that the capsule wardrobe is a seasonal wardrobe that contains about 30-35 items, not including underwear, accessories, formal wear and outerwear. Most often it contains basic colors such as white, gray, black and beige. The rest of the colors and designs suitable for our skin tone, hair and eye color are implemented over them.

The capsule wardrobe can be viewd as the core of our basic wardrobe on which to add elements we like, according to our own style. It can also be used on its own, depending on how big a diversity we want to have in our daily choices.

As it turnes out, building up a capsule wardrobe capsule is good to clear our closet and organize it in a new manner. In order to do it, you might need to take a few hours to devote to this action and follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Divide the clothes for your season into three stacks – one for the clothes you love and love wearing, second one for the clothes you rarely wear and a third one for the clothes you never wear;
  2. Put the first stack back in the closet since those are clothes that make you feel good in them and you should definitely continue to wear. For the second stack, give yourself a deadline of 3-6 months and pay attention whether or not you wear them. If you forget about those clothes within 6 months, you probably do not need them at all and can give away. The third stack is probably clothes still with their tags on that you bought impulsively or emotionally. I would advise you to donate, sell or recycle those clothes, or why not give to a friend;
  3. Once we have a well-selected collection of clothes, it’s time to complete it. Prepare a list of what is good to add to your wardrobe in order to be optimal and to be in your service every day. Here are the items the capsule wardrobe should contain:

Upper part – white shirt, neutral t-shirts, black top, suit jacket, black jacket, blazer, roll neck blouse, vest, V-shaped sweater, trench coat, leather jacket, elegant coat, puffer coat;

Bottom part – dark denim jeans, classic jeans, sports trousers, suit skirt and trousers, skirt, pencil skirt, leggings, leather leggings and skirt;

Dresses and jumsuits – little black dress, a hug-me dress, loose sports dress above the knee, cocktail dress, jumpsuit;

Footwear – black and nude high-heel formal shoes, flats, sports white shoes, glamorous shoes (colored), ankle boots, high boots, sandals (day and evening);

I advise you to do this reorganization with a friend, because often we cannot be particularly restrictive when having to get rid of long-kept things.

Of course, there are a few vital things to consider prior to cleaning your wardrobe and making a list of new items to buy. These are:

– Lifestyle and daily commitments;

– Personal style;

– What is your body type;

– What colors you prefer and suit you;

– Budget;

After considering those things, you will know how you want your wardrobe to look like. For example, not everyone will buy leather trousers for their wardrobe, or a suit. If you work in a strict office environment, you probably have not only one jacket, but many variations of it. Once you`ve completed your wardrobe with the basic items, try to create as much combinations as possible with them.

The capsule wardrobe solves the existential question that often struggles us – “what to wear?” By organizing the clothing according to the principles outlined above, we have a serious chance of relieving our thoughts and dress with ease.

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