Corporate Styling Services for Businesses

Corporate Styling Services for Businesses

Empower your team with professional style. 

Enhance the first image your company makes by building the brand image you want.

  • Digital image business branding- website, social media, profiles, etc.
  • Business photo session styling
  • Dress code policy for work business attire – internal handbok
  • In-company dress code trainings
  • Custom designs for uniforms & workwear


  Tia is a remarkable professional with very deep knowledge in her field. Her work is focused on high results. With her help, we have been able to improve the dress code in our organization and continue to work together to create designs for new uniforms.

Raiffeisenbank uniforms, dress code

With Tia we conducted 8 trainings on the topic of dress code for our employees. Her approach was interactive, shared extremely useful information, provided many examples. The appearance of our team has improved significantly since our work with her.

Corporate Styling Services for Businesses