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Build Your Closet

How many clothes do you have in your closet that you never wear, because you do not know how to make them into outfits?

How long did it take you to choose your clothing this morning? Are you happy with your choice?

Do you often default to the dark tones because you do not know what else to wear?

  • Tia will visit your home and work with you right in your own closet!
  • She will define which are the best colors for you and best patterns based for your body type;
  • She will ask you to try many of your clothes that she might want you to keep.
  • She will discuss with you every single blouse, scarf, pants, dress that you wear.
  • Together you will decide if you have to keep each piece of clothing… or not.
  • Together you will build your new vision for the clothes that you have to choose in the future.
  • Tia will personally create a list of specific items you must get for your closet.

It is highly recommended to combine this service with Personal Style Consultation where you can go clothes shopping together. At that time you can work for the whole look and fashion appearance including makeup, accessories, and yes, a fresh hairstyle!

100% money back guarantee. We take it personally and stand up behind the service we provide. If you are not happy with the quality please contact us so we can make things right or refund.

Ready to rediscover your Look?

Let's find out what are those things that make your Style unique!

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