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What is the Styling Consultation service?

Styling consultation is a service in which the customer gets advised on how to improve their appearance by selecting the most appropriate clothes, shoes, top clothes, handbags, accessories, jewelery, makeup and hairstyle, as well as the most appropriate combinations for the person concerned.

A fashion style consultant or, in other words, a stylist is a relatively new profession but for many people having a personal stylist goes alongside having a personal hairdresser, nutritionist, coach, make-up artist, masseur, cosmetician, manicurist, fitness instructor and many others.

Why would I need a Styling consultation?

On one side we are flooded with all types of information /there is so much information in google now/, but on the other hand it is hardly possible for us to deeply comprehend all areas of life. We need somebody to help us with professional analysis for the things we feel unsecure or we don’t have enough knowledge. For instance it is difficult to give an objective assessment and analysis of our own looks and the impression that we make to others.

Here is where the stylist comes in with the “style consultation” service. Like any other profession, stylists use specific tools to determine the most appropriate style, cuts and colors for a particular person, according to the individual everyday life, body type, preferences, work, eyes and hair. Using variable techniques, the stylist helps you to highlight the parts of your body that you like and probably cover parts you are not so happy with.

Moreover, a stylist prepares ready to wear outfits of the clothes you own in your wardrobe, so in the morning, when you certainly don`t feel like pondering about what to wear, just grab the outfit from the hanger.

Sometimes Tia is called “the doctor of your wardrobe”. Because she doesn’t only give you a better look but also helps you feel better mentaly.

How does the Style consultation service work?

Tia works virtually with her clients from around the globe. You can develop your look and wardrobe from the comfort of your home.

An exclusive service you won’t see anywhere else.

Here is how you can work with Tia:

1. Online Style Assessment;

2. 1-on-1 Virtual Style Consultation;

3. Ultimate Virtual Styling Package;

What kind of people is this service for and can I take advantage of it?

Anyone can benefit from the virtual style service. You do not have to be a celebrity or aim for a complete makeover to take care of your style and appearance. You may just want to get rid of clothes you`ve kept for too long, but never wear, or feel that your clothes do not reflect your personality anymore. Usually Tia gets contacted also by people who are willing to hear one other different point of view, to try different things and want to show the best version of themselves to the world. Generally speaking, Tia works with groups of people:

  1. People that want to achieve more in their professional life, to make more sells, to increase their profit and to make perfect first impression to their clients.
  2. People that want to achive more in their personal like. They are looking for a mate but they are not confident about their look.
  3. People who gained or lost weight and the change of the wardrobe is crucial. In the process of getting a new one, they decide to look for a new style;
  4. People who need to prepare for a specific event. Normally those are weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, company official events, etc.;
  5. Entrepreneurs who want to create a better image in their digital presence. Tia helps by creating a very special styling for your photo session;
  6. People who need to go to the Court and they need to look appropriate for the situation;
  7. Celebrities who need a cohensive image for their public appearances;

Does the cost of styling include the price of clothes?

No, the price of the service does not include the value of any item;

What else do I need to know before hiring a stylist?

Perhaps one of the most serious benefits of this service is that you do not take any risk – 0%!

You have a 100% guarantee that you will receive a premium quality service that fits your needs. However, if you are not satisfied for some reason, Tia will do her best to fix the problem or refund the full amount of the payment.

How can I book an appointment for a Style Consultation, Virtually? 

  1. Pick the right service for you from here:
  2. Submit your form;
  3. You will receive a conformational e-mail from Tia.
  4. Get your service based on your choice;

I still have a question. How I can contact Tia?

You can send your question by using the e-mail: [email protected] and Tia will personally answer you asap.

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