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What is the Styling Consultation service?

Styling consultation is a service in which the customer gets advised on how to improve their appearance by selecting the most appropriate clothes, shoes, top clothes, handbags, accessories, jewelery, makeup and hairstyle, as well as the most appropriate combinations for the person concerned.

A styling consultant or, in other words, a stylist is a relatively new profession in Bulgaria and is more familiar with the appearance of public figures and full-makeover TV-shows. In countries like the United States where I used to study, as well as Western Europe and Australia, people have been turning to consultation about their wardrobe and looks for a while in order to save time, money, and wandering around stores. There are now numerous brands and styles, and the trends are constantly changing that one often gets confused what is the right choice for them. For most of my clients abroad, having a personal stylist goes alongside having a personal hairdresser, nutritionist, coach, make-up artist, masseur, cosmetician, manicurist, fitness instructor and many others.

Why would I need a Styling consultation?

The rise of this profession actually begins from the need of it in our modern and fast-paced lifestyle. On one side we are flooded with all types of information, but on the other hand it is hardly possible for us to deeply comprehend all kinds of topics. It is difficult to give an objective assessment and analysis of our looks and the impression that we make. This oftentimes leads to stuttering or unsuccessful attempts that make us wear the same clothes over and over again on a regular basis.

Here is where the stylist comes in with the “styling consultation” service. Like any other profession, we use specific tools to determine the most appropriate style, cuts and colors for a particular person, according to their everyday life, figure, preferences, complexion, eyes and hair. Using variable techniques, the stylist helps you cover parts of the figure you are not so fond of, and highlights the ones you like. Moreover, a stylist prepares ready combinations of the clothes you own in your wardrobe, so in the morning, when you certainly don`t feel like pondering about what to wear, just grab the ready-made outfit from the hanger.

That is the reason I sometimes call myself humorously “the doctor of your personal wardrobe”. In  those words I put in my overall role in a person`s whole appearance, that imminently affects their psyche in a positive way and results in an increased self-esteem.

How does the Styling consultation service work?

Stage 1 – the styling service begins with the analysis and organization of the wardrobe, or in short – “detox”. As we can see from the very word, we go through all the clothes in stock and decide together which ones to keep and which ones we should get rid of. There is no way for something new to enter our lives if we do not dispose of something old and unnecessary first. Of course, we prepare a color analysis so that the customer would know what is the most appropriate palette for them. Proper colors can help us look more fresh, and are sometimes the secret of influencing others around us. We also define the most appropriate style for you, according to your preferences, your everyday life and the way you want to be accepted by others. One of the most important components is the analysis of your figure, in which I take your exact body measures and determine your type of figure. I mark the clothes that require only a slight correction and you receive their improved version back in a few days – shortening, narrowing, etc.

Online version – We go through these steps virtually with several Skype meetings, followed by a written analysis on my side.

Stage 2 – after all the analysis and review of the wardrobe,  the styling consultation continues with the cutest part of the styling – the selection of new clothes that will not only complete the wardrobe but will also be added to “favorites”! Walking around stores usually takes quite long, but it’s worth the satisfaction. While we are on a shopping tour, I tell you how it is good to choose your clothes so they suit you. I advise you and we prepare combos together. Of course, everything is compliant to your budget and individual needs. In case this service is not a continuation of the previous step – detox, then all preliminary analyzes and conversations regarding the preferences and needs of a specific person are conducted.

Online version – With virtual shopping you get ready outfits – solutions by me, as well as the links to websites you can buy them from. We create a virtual wardrobe where you can reorder or complete these combinations.

Stage 3 – this is the stage in which you build a new habit for 6 months regarding your wardrobe, building up looks and using styling techniques. You get personally prepared instructions how to cope with different challenges when you need to construct an entire look. If you have any hesitation in what clothes /combinations/ to select, when you are in the store send me photos and you get my detailed and reasonable advice. During those 6 months, I teach you how to use trends and implement them in your wardrobe, as well as assisting you each time you need to choose an extra item such as a wallet, a watch, an umbrella, and other similar elements that are an essential part of a look. I also often consult my clients about non-clothing items such as decorations, jewelery, various accessories and their application, make-up and hairstyle. My goal is always to achieve a full completed and consistent appearance. I.e. you have my full support and attention for entire six months in the process of building up your new appearance.

Online version – all described above is provided in a written form or as a video recording.

What kind of people is this service for and can I take advantage of it?

Anyone can benefit from this service. You do not have to be a public figure or aim for a complete appearance makeover to take care of your style and appearance. You may just want to get rid of clothes you`ve kept for too long, but never wear, or feel that your clothes do not reflect your personality. Usually I get contacted by people who are willing to hear a different point of view, to try different things and wish to show the best version of themselves to the world. Generally speaking, I work with three groups of people:

  1. People that want to achieve more, whether we are talking about personally or professionally. Those are the kind of people that use and search for different tools in order to reach their goals. It could be career advancement or total change of professional direction. Then we know how we need a new look so we can show ourselves in an even better light. It is very similar if the person is looking for a mate. You have probably read in my book, “Make him want you,” that it does matter how we dress if we want to meet a particular person. During the consultations, however, everything happens much more individually.
  2. People who have undergone some sort of physical transformation. This is about people who have gained or lost weight and a change of wardrobe is crucial. In the process of getting a new one, they decide to look for a professional advice so that their new wardrobe is better than the previous and fits their new needs. As you can probably confirm from personal experience and my working experience shows, part of this group consists of mothers and people who are on a diet. Here we usually talk about replacing a large part of the wardrobe and correcting the clothes they own.
  3. People who need to prepare for a specific event. Normally those are weddings, balls, birthdays, anniversaries, company official events, receptions, etc. Often these events demand specific requirements and a dress code, and when we are talking about a wedding, there is a wedding theme that is good for us to comply with. When styling is required for a more formal event, I may also assist in creating custome-made clothes, if applicable.

How can I make an appointment for a consultation? What are the steps?

Typically, the steps people can get started working with me is by first mailing me at tia@dressedbytia.com or filling the form on the website and explaining briefly how I could help them with their appearance. Initial consultation with me is 30 min. long and free of charge, so they can bravely take advantage of it and send me a photo with a short question that bothers them.

Does the cost of styling include the price of clothes?

No, the price of the service does not include the value of any item or their correction of length, width and similar.

Is the styling service expensive and can anyone afford it?

Styling consultation is an expensive service, but not because the price is high, but because the value that each customer receives is extremely beneficial and long-lasting.

In order to answer the question whether this service is for you, I advise you to answer the following 3 questions before booking an appointment:

  1. Do you use your entire wardrobe? Do you own various colors of clothes that suit you and that you combine?
  2. Do you like to shop? Can you see immediately in the store how and where you could combine a piece of clothing?
  3. Do your clothes bring you a dose of joy, self-esteem and cheerfulness every day you wear them?

If the answers to these questions are no, it may really be a good idea to make a styling consultation appointment with me to discuss the opportunities to improve that.

With full styling, you get not only the tools and details about you, your style and colors, but I also keep you hand-in-hand on how to use each one of them and use them after the end of the consultation by yourself.

Styling consultation is a high value-added service that affects by improving your lifestyle and will benefit you not only for a short period of time, but for a lifetime. If you follow the steps I advise and change what I instruct you to, you will gain sufficiently increased self-esteem and confidence when it comes to your appearance.

You will receive a price for the service as soon as you send an inquiry to tia@dressedbytia.com or by filling out the form on the website.

What else do I need to know before hiring a stylist?

Perhaps one of the most serious benefits of this service is that you do not take any risk – 0%!

You have a 100% guarantee that you will receive a quality service that fits your needs. However, if you are not satisfied for some reason, I will do my best to fix the problem or refund the full amount of my payment.

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