Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2019

We may boldly describe the trends this season as a nostalgic eclectic with sporty borrowing. This colorfulness is due to the fact that fashion trends look back to the 80s, but also to the 90s and even to the 70s. So let’s dive into the fashion trends Spring/Summer 2019 and see what they have to offer us:

   #1 Code Yellow (and not only…)

The color of Spring/Summer 2019 is YELLOW!

This color stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, optimism, and joy. There will be a share and hue for each of us depending on our preferences and skin undertone.

Other modern colors are also green and blue one in all shades. Khaki, earth tones (a lot of them!), pastel shades, powder, and white are also one of the most common tones for this season and they are very good basic colors to invest in. 

I am sure you will find plenty of options to invest in the best basic pieces needed for your wardrobe for the next few years.

Coral is the color of the year 2019.

Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2019 - yellow

 #2 Neon Vibes

Fluorescent shades are here to stay according to the Spring/Summer 2019 Trends!

“Shine brighter than the sun this summer” is the motto of this Trend. It is one of the 80s trends that re-emerge. You could see confidently championed combinations in lime green, blinding yellow, extra hot pink and flame orange.

 #3 Animal Prints, polka dots, flowers, logos, and messages

The 80s are mastering the prints for 2019. We definitely can say that animal print is one timeless pattern that you will be able to find in the stores a lot. And if you are still not a fan of it now it is a good time to reconsider it since for fashion trends Spring-Summer 2019 they come in different colors and shapes. 

The designs are presenting great outfit ideas including different colors and bold cuts.

Other prints that are also in style are the polka dots, the logos, the comics, the messageс, and of course the flowers that come in different sizes.

Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2019 prints

#4 Colorful Suits and Suits matched with shorts (or biker shorts)

The corporate suite has a new look which is way more playful for 2019 – the colorful suit from two pieces. If your dress code for work is casual now is the time to try this fashion trend for Spring Summer 2019. Another new generation of suits is the one where the jacket is matched with biker shorts which length ends just above the knee. Very controversial style, isn’t it?

The cut of the jackets is usually very male without emphasizing the feminine shapes and waistline. This type of costumes can be easily combined with T-shirts and sports shoes.

  #5 Micro bags

This season the must-have handbag is the popular fanny pack (also banana sling, bum bag, waist bags). Its size allows you to put in it not more than a phone and lipstick (if you’re lucky).

In 88th the banana type of bag was called “The Hottest Trend of the Year” and it looks like it is going to be the same story.

A very comfortable trend which allows you to be a real lady without bringing too much heavy stuff with you.

    #6 Ugly Dady’s Shoes

The casual dad shoes or sneakers are back!

Named after our beloved fathers, these shoes are characterized by big bulky soles, thick uppers, and weird extraordinary patterns and overlays that belong way back in the 80s or 90s.

They are stylish, trendy and provide high comfort! Not to mention that they have the power to make you look thinner…

 #7 Blenched Denim

They are back and are here to stay!

The hottest denim trends are wider and more relaxed-fit jeans – high waist, wide-leg jeans (almost the same as so called boyfriend jeans). Well, the same we were wearing in the 80s.

 #8 Cargo Pants and Boiler Suits

There is a variety of fantastic styles and colors of these long-sleeved jumpsuits that you will definitely love. Just pick the cut and color that suits the best your body type and remember that the right cut can make you look taller.

Back in the time, the boiler suits were used as a protective garment for manual labor. 

  #9 Oversized clothing and veils

The big cuts for coats, trousers, skirts, tops, and dresses could be used on any occasion – from the streets to parties.

Remember, that oversized clothing needs more attention depending on our body type. Not each of us could look amazingly good in it. The belt is a perfect solution to underlining your silhouette.

This season we will have lots of veils everywhere and especially to our arms which will give a volume there. Before buying a garment with this effect think twice if you need this much attention there or your arms are already well defined!

In other words – volume is good when is needed and where is needed 😉

Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2019 jumpsuits - volume

   #10 Bohemian Style

Inspired by the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s and 1970s

This trend is recognized by the hippies who develop it further. It has been present for several years in our wardrobe as every year there is a difference in the way it is offered to us.


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