How to hide the belly with the right clothes?

Winter generally is that time of the year, when we perform less physical activity, therefore we often gain weight in the abdominal area. Fortunately for us, there are ways, thanks to different colors, cuts, lengths, and combinations of clothing, to create a balanced look and meanwhile conceal what bothers us.

  1. Dresses with a free silhouette – when we wish to cover our waist, it is definitely time (temporarily of course) to avoid dresses that are too tight and highlight that particular area of our body. Instead, we can resort to dresses with a straight silhouette that provides the body with freedom. This cut helps keep the balance between the waist, hips, and chest. This way we can conceal not only the bigger belly but also the hips if they bother us. These types of dresses are often worn up to 10 cm above the knee, which means we can also add a pantyhose, either colored or patterned, thus drawing attention to the legs. These designs of dresses are mostly suited for taller ladies.
  2. High waist – here, of course, we are talking about that imperial cut for blouses and dresses where the waist is offset and is literally under the bust. Dresses with such waist have the ability to hide not only the tummy area but also the hips, thanks to the draperies that often accompany these types of models. The lengths most appropriate for this design are long, but this is good to judge according to the height of a person. The high waist is also found in the “Hug me” design of dresses and blouses, so the ladies that want to conceal imperfections can also rely on this type of models.
  3. Cloche and asymmetry – a very important rule that every lady should acquire are choosing the right length. It is good to know that the spot where the length of a garment ends, puts the focus in that particular area. For instance, when we want to conceal the tummy area, it is better not to wear blouses ending at that spot, or wearing the upper garment tucked in. We could instead choose a length that covers the belly and reaches to the hips. One of the best tricks, in this case, is to resort to asymmetry in clothes. Very often they are cloche and start widening from the bust, helping to conceal the imperfections. Due to the different lengths in these models, the focus goes entirely to the draperies and the play of the lengths of matter, and not on how big of a belly we have.
  4. Peplum – extremely suitable for ladies that have some extra pounds in the lower part of the abdomen. We can also have combinations of high waist and asymmetry with the peplum, depending on our preferences. The ruffles forming from the waist down, help to cover up the true size of our body in the abdominal area,  meanwhile making us look very feminine. Apart from dresses, this design can be very suitable for skirts, and can also be played in different colors.
  5. Veils – often ladies worry that by adding ruffles and draperies to their outfit, it would add extra centimeters to their waist. This would be correct if the materials layered on top of each other are very thick or multiple and only in one area. If, however, we have fine horizontal or vertical ruffles, this could cleverly conceal the extra pounds, as the line between body and ruffles becomes blurry. Thanks to draperies and ruffles, we can easily and quickly guarantee ourselves a fabulous look and comfort, even for formal occasions.
  6. Trousers with high waist – particularly popular during the last few seasons, high-waist trousers can sometimes be a great friend during the times we struggle to lose a few extra pounds in the tummy area. The reason is that often they contain plenty of elastane, which gives them the features of shaping underwear that tightens the body and makes it look finer. Moreover, tuck trousers can also be a great addition to conceal the waist. Here we also rely on draperies and crinkles that make the perception of where one`s actual waist is indistinct. These trousers often use a strap from the same fabric, instead of a belt, which again draws away attention from the parts we do not want to be noticed.
  7. Jackets, blazers, and waistcoats – there is hardly a lady who doesn`t want to look chic, and this is often guaranteed by combining basic with top clothing. However, when we wish to conceal the tummy area, it is good to know that top clothes seem better when they do not close in the front. Other good options are the jackets with a multi-layered lapel or long waistcoats that optically lengthen the silhouette. These tricks guarantee us freedom of the body and distraction from the belly area. When wearing a jacket, a blazer or a waistcoat, we can afford to wear our shirt tucked in the skirt or trousers;

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