Ladies clothes for Christmas & New Year’s Eve 2018

This time of the year, filled with so many celebrations, parties and reasons for going out, is perhaps the best time to experiment in our clothing. Ladies clothes, usually unacceptable for our daily lives, can now be boldly displayed and we can express ourselves in a completely different manner. As expected, Christmas outfits are influenced by current trends. For instance, this winter we will see fabrics and colors, typical for the autumn-winter season.

What ladies clothes to wear if we celebrate at a party?

Gold or silver

One of the trademarks regarding Christmas-New Year’s party clothing is certainly golden and silver glint, reminding of bent metal. Whether this effect was achieved by a laminate thread in the fabric, brocade or a print, the important thing is that anyone can afford to implement it in their look, for there are no limitations. Even simply as an element in the purse, shoes or a part of the clothing, gold and silver glitter provide class and sophistication to the ladies clothes. Here it is certainly a good idea to consider which of these options will better highlight our skin, hair and eyes, so before completing the purchase, it is better to test whether silver or gold is more suitable for you.

Ladies clothesLadies clothes

Glitter of stones and sequins

There is hardly a Christmas and a New Year`s eve, that can go without the shine of ornaments like stones and sequins. Of course, they do not necessarily have be all over our clothing. Sequins can only be an element in ladies clothes, like a sleeve, a skirt or just a gentle collar. Stones, on the other hand, can be lavishly scattered on the front of a simple dress. Those elements would refresh any outfit, and even if the rest of our clothing is not very bright, we will still look fabulous. Тhis year again, entirely sequined dresses continue to be very stylish.

Ladies clothesLadies clothes


Bordeaux, oil dark green, bright red. This season we notice these colors are often served with velvet and silk, making them particularly attractive and beautiful. Of course, the most favored is bright red, perhaps because of the belief that if by wearing red, we will be lucky in love. No matter the reason, grenadine (bright red) is one this season`s of top colors, and we will definitely not make a mistake if we bet on it either in our whole outfit, or simply as an elements. Other very popular colors this winter for ladies clothes are oil dark green and burgundy, which we most often notice like options with velvet. Indeed, this look provides beauty and a light retro touch. We can often see this fabric and these colors as a set with a wrap dresses. A little known fact is that this type of cut is actually good for any body type, so if you choose to rely on something that will flawlessly highlight your shapes, it is the wrap dress.

Ladies clothesLadies clothes

The materials

The only limitation here can be our own imagination – smooth leather or fur, feathers, patent leather surfaces, transparent tulle, lace and so on. These interesting textiles can easily find a place in the festive ladies clothes. Whether we choose a lace dress with tulle sleeves or we decide to combine sequins with feathers in one outfit – this is the time to show off our artistry and individuality. Perhaps, however, it would be good to know where to stop adding more textures in order to prevent our outfit from becoming too florid. We can easily judge this by deciding where we want the focus in our overall look to be and leave everything else as an addition.

Ladies clothes

And how do we escape the standard choice in  ladies clothes – the dress?

Although the dress is always a wonderful choice for a celebration, once in a while we all want to wear something different that does not repeat our outfit from previous years. We can achieve this by wearing a jumpsuit for example, with bare shoulders and wide legs. Another reading of the dresses can be bold colorful or shiny trousers, and maybe an unconventional combination of wide-legged pants and a blouse with a deep neckline. You will certainly look very exquisite and bold if you wear a velvet or satin suit, in order to escape the office look.

An altered little black (LBD) dress can also bring a completely different view of the holidays, so you can bravely bet on a non-traditional cut or length.

Ladies clothes

What should we wear if we are celebrating the holidays at home?

Of course, celebrations don`t always mean loud parties out with friends. Sometimes we choose the warm and calm environment of our home. This atmosphere carries its own charm and, of course, always predisposes us to relax in our domestic clothes. This could cost us our festive mood because these clothes are no different than those we wear every day.

Playful tights

An irreplaceable accessory that always adds a pinch of pleasantry and vigor to our look, is the thick, colored or figured tights. Whether we choose to have it as an individual effect or combine it with a skirt or a dress, an interesting pantyhose will always help us lift the spirits.

Ladies clothes 1

Knitted dress

The knitted dress is the intermediate version where domestic and festive ladies clothes meet to achieve a delightful result. The knitted dress does not necessarily need to be too colorful or with the standard Christmas references. It can be just cozy, comfy and of soft fabric to remind you that you`re home, but also to make you feel beautiful and special. Any guest on the Christmas or New Year’s Eve would appreciate such a look.

Ladies clothes 3

A motley print

The colorful sweater prints are nothing new under the sun and most people find them boring, but you have to agree that there is something quite charming about them. You can choose a print variety that will lift your spirits and will be a special tease for the others. While you may wear this sweater only during the holidays, with the right message you will engender precious smiles all over.

Ladies clothes 3

Have yourselves splendid and happy holidays! 🙂

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