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Luxury package

Up to a Full Day…All Day Anywhere in North America or Europe

  • This is an exclusive offer for the woman who wants the absolute BEST fashion styling and is ready to make some big changes!
  • Tia will travel to you. She will spend the entire day with you!
  • You and Tia will detox your closet, put together a charity bin for those who can use those clothes that don’t work anymore. The two of you will rebuild your closet. You will learn EVERYTHING about color and body type analysis. Then you two will shop for EVERYTHING you need. You will both visit the hairstylist and makeup artist with Tia leading the way on making your hair perfect and your make up ideal.
  • This 8 hour package can be expected to turn into a 12 hour day. Don’t be surprised. If you decide you want to do all of this in two days, talk with Tia and she will arrange a schedule for you that works.

That means, if you want to have a SPA break in the middle of a day the two of you will do just that. If you want to travel to specific stores out of town that can also be worked out in advance.

100% money back guarantee. We take it personally and stand up behind the service we provide. If you are not happy with the quality please contact us so we can make things right or refund.

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