New Trends Spring Summer 2018

Last week was the New York Fashion Week where we could see nearly 180 brands among which some of the greatest names in the fashion world. Within these 7 days new trends Spring Summer 2018, and many new faces there were shown. There was no shortage of popular models on the catwalk who brought additional glamour to the shows. Among them were Kendall Jenner, the sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, Adriana Lima, Irina Shayk and many others. Special attention was drawn draw to young Kaia Gerber who had her debut at the fashion week at just 16.  Cindy Crowford’s daughter run for some of the greatest names starting with Calvin Klein which was her first performance, after that she opened Alexander Wang’s show; she also participated in Fenty x Puma collections, and even closed the fashion week in the Marc Jacobs’s show.

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Kaia Gerber New York Fashion Week, Calvin Klein, Runway, Spring 2018Kaia Gerber, Calvin Klein, New York, Runway

The fabulous event started with opening by Tom Ford who showed incredibly glamorous and sexy collection. He took us back to the 90-ties showing a different interpretation of his male coats trade mark from that period. Broad and high shoulders, large lapel and large buttons were among the details that were preserved, but the waist was emphasized to give more femininity. The padding in the shoulders was focus also for the dresses where there was definitely an emphasizing with additional volume. Draped dresses and sequins were among the models that made an impression in Ford’s collection.

Tom Ford, New York Fashion week Overview, Trends Spring 2018,

One of the strong favorites in the fashion week was the collection of Fenty and Puma, as a collaboration between Rihanna and Puma. Their first joint collection was showed a year ago. In fact the name Fenty comes from her family name. Once again we witnessed the removal of barriers by the eccentric performer. Inspired by the annual event for extreme sports in the United States (X games), the collection was a pleasant mix between sportswear and high heels, suitable to be worn in the everyday life. The models walked in a circle, in the centre of which there was a pink sand mountain. Some of the designs resembled surf wear, and others were taking us decades back in time. Casual, comfortable and chic all the clothes had her signature. At the very end of the show Rihanna put the icing on the cake instead of walking down the catwalk, she came in on a powerful motorbike that took the applause, and maybe even made the first rows bristle. The show was so impressive that some began to say that may be it would be better to rename this year fashion week to New York Fenty Week.

Fenty & Rihanna, runway New York Fashion week, September 2017Fenty and Puma, New York Fashion week September 2017

There were also interesting situations like the one with Gigi Hadid, who during the fashion show of designer Anna Sui, turned out to be without a shoe. Before going to the runway, Gigi faced the dilemma of whether to go or not, given her mysteriously vanished right shoe. As a true professional she did not give up. At the final walk of all models, her sister Bella Hadid helped her, supporting her from the right side. Anyway, it was not clear why the right shoe was missing, but the situation made us think about how important it is to have someone to give you a hand when you fall (figuratively).

Gigi and Bella Hadid on New York Fashion week. missing shoe story,

The whole fashion week passed under the motto of tolerance and created the feeling among the viewers that beauty and fashion can be accessible to all. For example many designers bravely included plus size models (XL and up), something we definitely were not used to till that moment. One of the most favorite names of the American public, Michael Kors, decided to catch this part of the audience by including a model with lavish curves.  In addition, several brands dared to include older models in their collections, some of which were not even model sizes. Their silver hair was proudly demonstrated and declared that there was a place for beauty in every period of the life-span. In the show of the eccentric designer Eckhaus Latta we saw an 8-month pregnant model, who showed her baby bump without restrains and with no clue of embarrassment. This act provoked many discussions and criticism, part of which was that the catwalk was not the place for women in this period of their lives.

Do you agree with that? However it’s a fact that you can see very few pregnant models running at fashion shows.

Plus Size Michael Kors, New York Fashion Weekmen with heelsPregnant model on new york fashion week

Let’s have a look at the fashion trends that will be hit in spring and summer 2018.

Oversize jackets

There was almost no designer who hasn’t done his interpretation of the oversize jacket from the 90-ties. As it became already clear from Tom Ford’s collection, we mean here that typical men jacket which already bravely finds its application in the ladies wardrobe. The broad shoulders and sleeves were kept, as well as the large lapel with sharp upper end, again with two-fold fastening for some models. Some of the designers underlined the waist with a belt that would suggest more femininity; others achieved it waisting at the waist. The combinations in which this could be seen were mostly with straight trousers, but there were also suggestions with wide 7/8 trousers, skirts and denim. Some of the designers who showed these jackets were Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta, Victoria Beckham and many others.

Oversized jacket, new trend, new york fashion weeknew trends oversized jackets


The transparency in any form possible. From dresses, through blouses and skirts to pants. Everything is transparent and shows the underwear and sometimes the lack of such. One of the top designers who showed this trend was Victoria Beckham, but many other designers followed her – Praba Gurung and Mac Jacobs weres some of them. Transparency also appeared in shoes, as in the case of Alexander Wang, all models wore exactly such shoes.

transparency, Vichtoria Beckham, Dressed by TiaPrabal Gurung, trends spring 2018, transparency


Followed by the greatest names such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford this trend was one of the strong favorites for spring 2018. In some collections there was only a sequin element, like the sleeves in Tom Ford’s collection, in others there were whole dresses, covered in shiny details.

Sequins, trends spring 2018Sequins, trends Spring 2018


Confirmed by Pantone as well, the company responsible for the world color trends every season, next spring colors will be yellow, lavender, orange and red with orange touch, light baby blue, cyclamen and light pink. These were the colors that were mostly present in the designers’ collections.

color trends Spring 2018, Pantornecolor trends Spring 2018, Pantorne

What else?

Two more shows from the fashion week deserve to be paid special attention. These were Philipp Plein’s and Marco Jacobs collections.

Phylipp Plein’s collection was a great combination of temptation and decency. From one hand there were clothes that were not extremely revealing, and from another hand some of the clothes were accompanied by leather accessories, reminding a sexual context. The end of the show was put by an extremely provocative dance of Teyana Taylor, which heated up the audience.

Trends Spring 2018 Phillip Plein

Marc Jacobs closed the fashion week with his spectacular colorful collection spring 2018. The impressive about it was that there was no musical background and the models walked only to the sounds of their own steps. All models wore turbans, well matched with their basic outfits. Most of the models wore fringed flip-flops, which left as another accent of this colorful collection. The inspiration turned out to be the 80-ties movie Diva, that tells the story for the impossible love. It’s a fact that the only music, that was played at the end of the show, was from the soundtrack to this movie.

Marc Jacobs, new trends, spring 2018

After the fashion week in New York we all turn look to the fashion week in London, which started on 15 September 2017. There we will see again some of the most established names in the fashion such as Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry. Whether the formed trends will be reinforced by the other forthcoming fashion weeks in Milan and Paris – it is about to be seen.


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