Personal Fashion Stylist Online, Virtually

Specially created services that you can use without leaving the comfort of your home, from your work place (during lunch break) or even while traveling

Styling Analysis

online personal styling analysis

Learn the secrets of creating a stylish look that is perfect for you.

  • 90 min online video chat consultation
  • Defining your personal style
  • Defining your body type
  • 20 individual styling tips based on your personality
  • Styling analysis of 3 complete your looks
  • 30 photos of clothing and accessories that will fit you
  • A guide of the basic clothes needed for your closet

How many times have you wondered?

  • What is the impression I leave with my choice of clothing?
  • What clothes fit my body type?
  • There is so much information out there but which tips are essentials for me?
  • How to create spectacular looks fast and easily?
  • What are the right proportions for me?
  • What a professional would say about my clothing?

The styling analysis is right for you if you are looking for:

  • your individual style
  • professional opinion on your appearance
  • assistance with creating clothes combinations
  • a guideline for your future shopping cart

If you are sick and tired of:

  • spending countless hours selecting clothes
  • not wearing your clothes with confidence
  • hearing endless tips that don’t quite work for you
  • buying clothes you never wear


… We dress for hours in front of the mirror, but the result stays the same – we are displeased. We hesitate about the design; whether the color combination is right for us and whether the style suits the event we are attending.

We often think:

“Nothing fits me…”

“I’m too… to be wearing this”

“I don’t even know where to begin with selecting clothes….”

There is hardly a woman who hasn`t felt uncertain about her appearance while looking in the mirror. We wonder if there is anything we can improve, but we don’t always know what it is.

Now you have the opportunity to get individual advice and recommendations from a professional stylist without leaving the comfort of your home!


Color Analysis

online personal color analysis

Learn which color palette suits your skin, hair, and eyes.

  • 30 minutes individual video consultation
  • Defining your individual color palette
  • The best color combinations from the palette
  • Defining your “color contrast” and how to apply it
  • Suitable metals for jewelry & accessories
  • The best makeup and hair colors

The human eye recognizes up to 7,000,000 colors!

By using the right shades, you could emphasize your shine in a unique way.

As children, we bravely enjoy this wealth and never miss the chance have fun with it. However, once we are older, we become more reserved in the use of colors and often end up with a wardrobe overflowing with black clothes. We regretfully discover that the clothes we have do not bring us any joy, and dressing up has stopped being a pleasant process for quite some time.

Color analysis is the beginning of every styling transformation. With it, you bring back the joy of the game with different tones and emphasize your individual radiance and charm.

  • No more wandering around the stores
  • You learn which colors work best for you
  • Combine your clothes with ease, style and imagination
  • You learn about basic and upgrade colors
  • You grasp the difference between warm and cold ranges
  • Save money on inappropriate purchases
  • Feel confident in handling patterns and shades
  • Learn which shades will update your wardrobe

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the service work?

After you sign up, you receive a confirmation email from Dressed by Tia. In reply to this email, you submit your photos, that will be analyzed with a special software and system. Thanks to them, we can determine exactly which colors are right for you. Afterwards, we will have a personal video meeting for 30 minutes and finally you will receive an individual written analysis from me.

The best part is that you can take advantage of the service wherever you are!

Do I need to combine color analysis with styling consultation?

Color analysis can be a completely independent service, but if you want to get the most out of your knowledge and tips for your look, you can combine it with styling consulting and shopping.

Can I give the service to a friend as a gift?

Each of Dressed by Tia’s services is perfectly suited for a gift to a loved one, friend or family member. We issue a voucher with the name of the recipient. What you need to do is sign up for the service and then send an email to with the recipient’s names.

How can I be sure the service is the right for me?

Do you recognize yourself in any following 3 descriptions?

  • My wardrobe contains of mostly dark clothes or patterns that are incompatible with each other, and that makes me feel depressed;
  • I hesitate about the colors that would help me look prettier, but I  am aware the ones I wear now aren’t exactly right;
  • I feel lost in stores because I never know what color of clothing to choose. I have the feeling that whatever I choose is wrong for me;

If your answer is “yes” to at least one of these, the color analysis is likely to help resolve this issue.

Are black and white universal colors?

It is widely believed that snow white and deep black are universal colors and suit everyone. However, this is not quite true. There are certain types of people that seem weary, dispirited and even older with these colors.

Request your color analysis now and join all the women who make everyone stare.


E-commerce Shopping

Save time & money, have a selection of clothes you love.

  • Get-to-know-you online video call – 30 min
  • Defining your personal style and body type
  • Selection of up to 8 items (clothes and accessories)
  • Combining them in 2 complete ready-to-go outfits
  • Personal virtual wardrobe with pictures and links
  • Professional feedback on everything you buy & try on

Who are shopping consultations suitable for?

If often you:

  • feel trapped with emotional purchases
  • feel lost in fashion trends every season
  • find it challenging to combine clothes
  • are disoriented in the sea of clothing and brands

Or overall:

  • shopping is not your favorite activity
  • you find it difficult to decide what are the right designs for you
  • you cannot identify your personal style
  • you hesitate about what suits your body type

Does it sounds familiar?

You enter a big store, look around, see dozens of items, and find it impossible to pick out the clothes that would suit you best?

Sometimes you surrender before you`ve even looked around, and sometimes you choose emotionally or because of an attractive price.

This often leads to meandering for hours while you get more and more frustrated and end up with purchases you rarely or even never wear.

Shopping consultation with a stylist is the way out of this enchanted circle. You receive feedback and professional advice on each piece of clothing you wear. You visit only pre-selected stores according to your budget, preferences and style.

Online Shopping is a good fit for you if you need:

    • to build a new wardrobe due to weight gain/loss
    • to update your closet and style due to a new working place
    • to elevate your Personal appearance
    • to find the best clothes for a photo shooting or video recording
    • to have the right set of clothes for a special occasion
    • to complete the seasonal wardrobe with new items
    • to make a Special Gift to a friend

Outfit Creation

New outfits created from the clothes you already have.

  • Video call – 30 min.
  • Set up of an individual digital closet
  • Uploading & organizing your clothes in categories
  • Matching your clothes in 10 new outfits
  • Creating a list of items you are suggested to have
  • Personal styling tips for improving your look
  • Weekly wardrobe planning

This is a completely innovative and unique service that you will not find anywhere else.

It is a very good fit for people who don’t have the time and knowledge to match the clothes they have in their wardrobe in the most appropriate way.

I put together the best possible options of outfits using only the clothes, shoes and accessories you already have in your wardrobe. 

You spent $ 0 on new clothes but you will look chic and polished.

Forget about the annoying time when you stand in front of your wardrobe not knowing what to wear and having only 5minuts to decide.

With Online Digital Closet the outfits are already planned for your schedule ahead in time. How it works:

  • open your digital closet
  • look at the best option for the place you go
  • grab the clothes from the most appropriate outfit
  • put them on
  • you are good to go

You are looking for some benefits of your digital closet?… I have some more for you.

Once you have the basic of this service (described above) you can always improve by having:

  • new outfits in addition to the one you already have
  • your luggage for personal or business trip prepared by me
  • a complete look for a  special occasion
  • looks for business or personal photo sessions
  • adding pictures of the new purchases you need to hear professional feedback
  • and much more

Ready for the newest styling generation?