Online Style Assessment

Everyone needs to know the truth about how they look to others. Each day you are judged (yes judged) by the people who see you. How you look typically determines whether you’ll catch the eye of that special someone or get the job when you have the big interview. And when you’re out with friends your fashion styles are determining their conversation about you whether you’re in the room or not.

No one can look in the mirror and get a real answer to “How do I look?” or “What will they think?”  Getting the opinion of a professional fashion stylist in a face to face, in person consultation can cost as much as $1,000 per hour. Because you can now do this online in a confidential and secure way, you can find out what you need to know for a fraction of the professional’s fee.

Once you’ve had your personal assessment which takes advantage of “selfies” you’ll take of yourself in various combinations of clothes you’ll get the rapid result analysis that sets you off in the right direction.

Find out quickly what BIG mistakes you are making in the way you dress. Tia will show you specific changes to make now.  You first must know what has to change immediately. This part of the analysis alone is priceless. But of course there is more…

The next part of the report includes Tia’s “Guidance and Encouragement” to show you what to do instead. A lot of consultants can tell you one or the other of what’s wrong or what to do instead but few will ever do this for you. Tia does. Your report will include specifics as to what to do instead!  Remember, sometimes only a little guidance and encouragement are enough to shine and to feel confident.

* Specifically, Tia will tell you what are the mistakes you are doing in the way you dress now and how to change that. She will then report to you specific ideas about what the best cuts are for you.

* You’re going to see exactly the right images and designs for your body type. And you’ll see how to match your clothes, something almost no one will do for you.

* And often left out of crucial reports are what types of  jewelry to select and how to pick the best accessories.

Every day you look for approval from the others. You want them to respect you and sometimes you are even desperate to hear just one compliment about your look. All of this is what comes when you choose the right styles that make you look ideal for each situation you are going to experience today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

How Does it Work?

(It’s easy!)

  1. Book Your Service

After you book this service you will receive a personal message from me with precise instructions for the next step.  Tia will have a few questions for you to answer so she can have a better picture of you, your looks, your image and your style.

  1. You will send Tia 12 selfies of you wearing different outfits.

You will dress up in different clothes either outside in daylight or in the bathroom where you have extra light.

You’ll need to send Tia the following images.

a) 3 pictures of you in casual clothing;

b) 3 pictures of you in your outfits for work;

c) 3 pictures of you in outfits for special occasions;

Secret: Take advantage of the moment when you send these pictures by email to tia@dressedbytiа.com to ask a specific question about some of the clothes you are presenting.

For best results: Take your photos in full length, top to bottom and be as close to the mirror as you can. Of course you can have a friend take the pictures of you if you wish!

Now your part is complete.

Here’ what you’ll get back in 3 days!

Your Personal Styling Inventory

Tia will personally do an In-depth analysis of your current style and then share with you the following:

– What the very best cuts are for your body type;

– What patterns you will want to choose and how to apply them correctly;

– 7 – 10 personalized just for you, rules about how to match your clothes so they will flatter your body;

– How to accessorize your look;

– and as a special gift, you will also receive straightforward feedback, tips and ideas about how each of your outfits on the pictures can look better if it is needed;

Special gift!

A personal “Fashion Mood Board” with outfits that would flatter your body type;

“My job is to help you improve your style without investing a lot of money in a totally new wardrobe. I will share with you whether the clothes you’re wearing are the most suitable for you and whether or not your current styles suit you best based upon your age, profession, and body type.“


What are the steps:

Step 1: Get dressed in different clothes from your wardrobe;

Step 2: Take pictures of you;

Step 3: Send Tia the  12 pictures;

Step 4: Answer Tia‘s styling questions;

Step 5: Get the professional Styling assessment from Tia.

Online Style Assessment

$120(regular price $ 395)
  • One time