“Do you ever look in your full of clothes closet and think ‘I’ve got nothing to wear?’ Call Tia!

Her sense of style and personalized approach to fashion will help you made through the good and the not so good in your closet and help you uncover your own feel amazing style. 

And you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!

Julie Broad, Los Angeles, California, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

“Tia is an amazing professional! She thinks about every little detail and focuses on where is the right place for each piece in the whole look. I love that she has extremely high standards and always aims the best results. Her ideas are really impressive and have exceeded my expectations many times. She is always eager to go the extra mile in order to reach the goals we have set.

By choosing the best clothes for me, she saved me time1 which I was able to spend with my family and friends. Not to mention how much I love my new wardrobe and style now. I definitely recommend working with Tia!”

Sonya Siderova, Belgium, Project Manager

“Tia changed my entire wardrobe. I have to admit that it was a challenging and uncomfortable experience but it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Results speak for themselves.

Tia is a game changer. If you need to stand out and feel confident she is the right choice.

I’ve learned so much about clothing and style from her. Now I feel comfortable enough to take the right style choices on my own. Something I didn’t have in the past. Thank you very much. Tia. You are amazing!”

Kevin Hogan, Minneapolis, Minessota, International SpeakerAuthor of 35 books

“Tia is extremely precise and quick in her assessment of every garment she sees, which I really appreciate. She has helped me build not only my style but also solved my shopping problem.

As a mother of two children and a working woman, I have no time for going to a mall and choosing clothes. I feel confident that everything we’ve bought together makes me look great and this definitely gives me self-esteem. I turned from a boring dressed woman into that image of a stylish lady that I’ve always dreamed of.

My wardrobe is now full of shades of colors I would not dare to buy before. I so thank you, Tia!”

Marsa Parviainen, Finland, Sales Manager

“Working with Tia was way more than styling. In addition to her impeccable professionalism and radiant energy, I have received a complete deep personal transformation. She has this amazing ability to highlights the potentials you have, bringing confidence, joy, beauty, and pleasure into your life.

Now (after 12 months of work with Tia) I am opening my wardrobe again, asking myself the question “What to wear today?” …. but now the question comes from the state of abundance. “What to I wear when I want to wear all of these beautiful clothes have in my closet now?” I feel blessed to have the pleasure of knowing Tia. Thank you so much!”

Kremena Dimitrova, Sofia, Bulgaria, Owner of a chain of restaurants

“With Tia’s help, I finally quit wearing boring combinations such as jeans and blouses every single day. I have been wondering what my style is for so many years and how to emphasize it, so when I met her she showed me that the process of choosing the right clothes could be easy.

The Shopping experience with her was unbelievable! Tia really understood my needs quickly and helped me build an authentic, individual style that shows my personality and preferences. I already feel well and confident in my style now. I also regained my sense of fun while dressing. Thank you, Tia!”

Daniela Bohli, Zurich, Switzerland, Еntrepreneur