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Tia Stankova or just Tia understands you and what looks good on you at work, rest or play.

Few stylists understand the emotional impact of clothing and how women feel and think before they make their everyday choices. That makes her really different in her way of work.

Tia was born in a tiny town in Bulgaria. She grew up in poverty during the communist regime. Life was gray for much of Bulgaria but even more challenging for a latch key child at the age of 5 growing up with almost nothing to wear. When she was able to convince those around her to get her something to wear it was almost never something that fit right or a choice that looked good on her. Like you and every other little girl she wanted to be pretty. She soon learned to create custom-made clothes in order to fulfill her wishes and dreams of beautiful clothes. And here is how her real love for clothing and style begins.

As a pre-teen she moved to Sofia to go to a school that would give her a chance in life. After school she worked her way to gain her Master’s Degree in International Economic Relations. This turned out to be a big break for the young Tia. She would soon meet professional businessmen and women from all over the world while working in an international banks for almost a decade.

She developed a keen eye for what worked and what didn’t as far as their fashion choices. Eventually her colleagues recognized her talents and asked her to custom make clothing for them. To this day she will tell you that she is not the finest designer on the planet, but truth be told, her talents and hundreds of ecstatic clients speak for themselves. She continues her ongoing studies at the New York Institute of Art and Design.

As a citizen of the world Tia regularly travels to Italy and the U.S.A. where she visits numerous places where women shop for their fashion choices both hand made and off the racks. Tia has the unique eye for almost instant certainty about what works and what doesn’t for her clients. She concentrats her efforts solely on bringing out the inner beauty of women of all nationalities, sizes and ages. Now she lives in Bulgaria working with women all around the world.

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