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Online consultations

Anywhere in the World!

Service I

Comprehensive Three Phase Online Style Consultation

Photo Analysis & 90 minute Skype Session for Creative Change with your Online Virtual Stylist Tia

  • Unique 3 step System, Dressed by Tia – You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home!
  • Personal and specific personal comfort and fashionable styling tips
    • how to develop your style for work, rest or play
    • the best colors to wear to accent your skin tone
    • specific patterns that will flatter your body type

Phase 1   Complete Your Personal Style Evaluation and submit it to Tia with up to 20 photos of you in different outfits, colors, accessories and fittings. Be certain to have a thorough mix of casual and business choices. The photos should represent what you typically wear. If you send something you’ve not worn in the past, simply note this in your documentation. This information will help Tia understand you, your current comfort zone and your upcoming needs.

Phase 2 & 3      Within 1 – 4 days it’s going to be time to talk!

  • You begin by telling Tia the outcomes (work/rest/play) you are currently desiring for with this styling consultation.
  • Perhaps you have special occasion you need to look just right for.
  • Maybe you want to find out what really looks professional for your at the office.
  • Getting ready for an important presentation? You can’t screw this one up. You must look amazing.
  • Is it time to find the right men, we’ll talk about this if you choose.
  • Have you recently put on a few pounds and don’t really know what to do or how to act?

The options are really endless but the second most important aspect of this phase is that the two of you will work meticulously to reach the goal no matter what it is.

During this second phase, Tia will probably ask you to show her what you look like wearing some of your most commonly worn clothes.  Now she can see you move and talk while dressed in your everyday clothing. This helps refine the process of what is working and what will need adjustment or complete change.

Phase 3.  This is the most important aspect of your time together. You’ll get gently honest feedback with specifics about what you can keep and what you can adjust from head to toe.  You’ll get straight answers for the first time in your life. Your detailed report after your online session will include not just “tips” and “ideas” but specific instructions on what to do next. You’ll find out what to wear, when and why. Some of the answer will be found right in your own closet and some of them are going to be from online stores.

Who should take advantage of this option?

if you and Tia don’t live in the same area, and you can’t swing the Luxury Package then this is easily your best choice.

Service II

Your Photos Professionally Analyzed

Submit up to 3 pictures of your most commonly worn outfits.

  • Send 3 pictures with you wearing your outfits
  • Ask Tia for her expert opinion about what’s working and not, with your current daily look
  • Analysis with specific for what to keep and what to change.
  • Tip sheet for preparing for your next step at looking great every day.

100% money back guarantee. We take it personally and stand up behind the service we provide. If you are not happy with the quality please contact us so we can make things right or refund.

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