Online Style Assessment


When people look at you what do they think about how you dress and “your look?” You know that if you ask them they will be kind and say, “you look great!” But that’s not what you think when you look at them, is it? Today you can get the real answer to the question. Tia will tell you exactly what your clothes are saying about you. You’ll now know the truth about the first impression and every impression your fashion styles are sending to others.

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1-on-1 Virtual Style Consultation

Get your Personal Style Analysis from the World’s Premiere Stylist. It includes a comprehensive color analysis, current style inventory, body image perspective, and your absolute best brands to shop. Tia gives you your best outfit ideas specifically created for you, your body type and your lifestyle. You’ll see your five best ready to wear outfits including your clothes, accessories, makeup, jewelry and hair style!

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Ultimate Virtual Styling Package

Exclusive 12month Fashion Styling Service! You have your own Concierge Personal Stylist available 24/7. Tia picks the best looks for you day by day and carefully guides you to improve your complete look. No matter where you are at today, you will week by week learn all the secrets of the sophisticated, smart, sexy and savvy looks for your personal and professional life. This is the ideal way to gradually change your look to be your most attractive you in every situation.

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„This is an impressive virtual service! Tia taught me a lot about how to combine clothes, what fits my body and what does not. Now I feel so good about my style, more confident in general and got back the fun of dressing myself. Thank you Tia!“ …(read more)

Daniela Bohli, Zurich, Switzerland, Еntrepreneur

“I’ve been working with Tia for one year now and I can say Tia really makes a differenceHer concepts for the whole look go above and beyond all my expectations. Tia is an amazing professional! Very detail oriented and focused on every single piece, her ideas are really impressive.” … (read more)

Sonya Siderova, Antwerp Area, Belgium, Project Manager