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Personal Style Consultation and Shopping

Shopping & In Your Home Closet Styling Consultation

 This is a private one on one (up to 6 hours) session with Tia, and only Tia. You can ask a friend to attend if you wish!

  • Personal Style Consultation begins with some simple but very important goals. First we have to clarify what the purpose of having a personal stylist is going to do for your world! Tia will show you numerous ways to take advantage of your time with your world class stylist. She’ll also be certain to make sure you use that time efficiently. Sure, this is fun, but fun with a purpose!
  • On the date we meet in person, it is important for you to decide on exactly what you want to have achieved by the end of the day. You are probably are looking for more comfort and a lot more confidence in your everyday look.  If you are having a special occasion let Tia know in advance of her visit to your home!
  • Tia and you will have fun shopping together for clothes, underwear, accessories, purses, and cosmetics. Be prepared for a whirlwind experience. It’s exciting and you’ll probably want to make this experience part of your life.
  • While we are choosing the best clothes for you, you will learn all of the best choices you can make not just with your clothes but perfumes, jewelry, the best colors for you, which patterns make you look attractive and what works for the professional you. AND you find out what you must avoid. You WILL be able to record your face to face conversations with Tia, on your phone, so you always have the tips, strategies and changes at your fingertips. Tia will tell you about the typology of your face and how to pick the best sunglasses, how to wear your hair and many other tips and tactics!
  • Optional: Visiting an excellent hairstylist and brilliant makeup artist should really be a must in the Full Day Styling Consultation. Tia will work with your hairstylist, or a new one as well as your current or new makeup artist. Tia will direct your hair styling and show the make-up artist specifically what to do with you, going forward…beginning TODAY.

The Personal In Your Home and Closet Styling Consultation dove tails perfectly the Detox and Rebuild your Closet. This is discussed below.  You can now be certain that will help you know that the clothes in your wardrobe are great for you and you will discover excellent mix and match choices.

Fees for make up artists and hair stylist will be separate from the consultation fees noted below.

100% money back guarantee. We take it personally and stand up behind the service we provide. If you are not happy with the quality please contact us so we can make things right or refund.

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