Shopping tour with your personal style consultant in  Italy

Over the past weekend, I had my first shopping tour as a personal style consultant. I have decided to share my experience in this article to be most useful to anyone who wishes to experience this adventure and wants to join the group for our next shopping trip in August 2018.

Here is what you need to know if you want to make a shopping tour with your personal style consultant:

  1. Who is a shopping tour with a personal style consultant most reasonable for? 
  • People who do not like shopping often, but prefer to do it once in a few months, getting everything they need for their wardrobe;
  • People that find it hard to orientate in the ocean of ​​prints, colors and cuts in the stores;
  • People that wish to invest in really good clothes, made of quality fabrics and interesting patterns;
  • People that need a professional advice about which clothes are best for them regarding colors, cuts and lengths;
  • People who want to improve their looks and make an impression with their impeccable style;
  1. Where does it take place? Destination!

One of the best places for a  shopping tour with your personal style consultant is, of course, Italy and  Milan in particular. Twice a year, Italy provides its visitors with discounts that allow anyone to make exceptionally favorable purchases.

It is good to know that there are two shopping options:

  • Shopping in Outlet

The place where you get a fair price / quality ratio. There you will find many famous brands at highly affordable prices. One of the most popular shopping outlets near Milan is called Serravalle and is situated in 120 km from the city. This should not bother you at all, since there is organized convenient bus transportation. Nevertheless, if you wish to visit all 250 stores, one day will certainly not be enough, you will need at least two. And don`t worry you might get disoriented, as you`ve got your personal style consultant by your side.

  • Shopping in boutiques of Milan

Few cities can praise with the wonderful combination of beautiful architecture, cozy streets, filled with small restaurants and at the same time shops of some of the most famous fashion brands. A true pleasure for the senses. If you’re not in a rush and don`t wish to travel out of town, the market of Milan is a fabulous alternative and you will find as many items that deserve your attention.

  1. How long does it take?

The time you will spend on shopping depends entirely on how much you want to shop, how quickly you can choose and whether you want to make frequent and long breaks. Most often one day is enough to choose all you need with your personal style consultant. This would sometimes mean quite intense walking, so be prepared with sports shoes and patience to visit plenty of stores.

I recommend  that the visit to Milan should be no shorter than 3 days or 2 nights in order to have enough time to dive into the city`s atmosphere.

  1. What is the budget needed?

The amount of the budget depends entirely on what class of brands you prefer and how many clothes and accessories you need to purchase. What you should definitely keep in mind is the payment of the service to your personal style consultant, as well as the travel expenses.

  1. How does your personal style consultant help you on the spot? 
  • Your personal style consultant is your ally in everything when you are shopping He/she knows your preferences and exactly what you need right now in your wardrobe;
  • Directs you which stores are best to be visited;
  • Selects only clothes that will match your body type;
  • Saves you time by preparing ready-made outfits with the clothes you buy, that afterwards are at your disposal ready to wear;
  • Provides reasonable answers to all your questions about accessories, clothes, bags, shoes, combos and why some suit you better than others;
  • Does not allow you to make chaotic or emotional purchases;
  • Monitors the budget that has been previously set;
  • You experiment together and try on clothes you`ve avoided for some reason, or thought they were not for you;
  • Have fun! Still, shopping with your personal style consultant should be fun. When you get tired, visit one of the charming restaurants nearby to enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch ?
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  1. What kind of preparation should I have?

Apart from the standard preparation you should have for a trip abroad, here’s what’s best to know about this special shopping tour with a personal style consultant:

  • Baggage

It is advisable to foresee one or two empty suitcases to carry with you since you will fill them up with your new clothes. Provided you need a new suitcase, you can take advantage and buy one while shopping, rather than carrying one with you. A very popular practice is the so called “Shopping with a suitcase”, usually uncommon, but when you are buying a lot of clothes, it is probably one of the best decisions to make ?  Instead of carrying multiple bags, just place each new purchase in the suitcase you don`t have to carry and therefore does not feel heavy.

  • List

One of the things that will help you stick strictly to the plan you have prepared with your personal style consultant is the list of purchases. Even its simplest version will remind you of what is really top priority for buying and will save you money from emotional purchases or impulse decisions. We all know how we sometimes decide we need something that is far less important.

  • A few words in Italian

I must say that Italians are extraordinary good traders. They will always welcome you with a smile, and if necessary, will take out the entire store for you to try out what’s needed. And if you end up not choosing anything, they will still see you out with just as wide a smile and wishes for a nice day! For these moments, it is definitely good to know how to thank them in Italian, or why not say a few more words in their language. On the other hand, a short Italian dictionary would also come in handy when taking a taxi because, surprisingly, Milan taxi drivers encounter mainly foreigners, but hardly speak any English ?

And if you’ve already loving the idea of ​​a shopping tour in Milan, now is the time to declare your wish for the next one to come!

If you want to join the next scheduled shopping tour dates with your personal style consultant Tia, you can send an inquiry to

Perhaps many of you have already visited Milan as a shopping destination and would like something different. This is why we offer more interesting places like the Netherlands, London and Paris! You choose ?

Requirements for a shopping tour:

  • Group of minimum 2, maximum 5 people;
  • Selected destination at least 2 months before departure;
  • Individual preliminary meeting with each person of the group;
  • Prepaid fee for a personal style consultant during the tour;

Create your incredible style now and let it be a part of your wardrobe forever!

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