The art of shopping – 5 tips from a fashion stylist

Are you sometimes lost in the Clothing Cloud?

There are so many stores, types of clothes and accessories. We often get confused by the tons of clothing offered by fashion brands, fashion magazines, TV, influencers, etc.

Distractions are everywhere and they are here just for that – to get our attention and make us want to purchase! Often enough we follow the rules of this game unconsciously. We buy things we don’t really need, we invest our money in clothing that doesn’t make us feel special. Eventually, we end up thinking “There is nothing in my wardrobe that I can wear!”

In the end, you are not happy but believe me, the fashion brands aren’t the winner neither. You are a customer that will probably not go back to that store anymore. On the other hand, you have a wardrobe full of clothes that are not your style, color, pattern or cut.

Here are 5 shopping ideas on how to buy what you need without ending up having any regrets:

1. Avoid shopping when you are in a bad mood.

Omg, I know most of you do exactly that! Why? It is actually proven that when we go shopping a cocktail of emotions gets activated in our head. While shopping, we image the beautiful future with the new purchase and we also feel like we are in control of the situation. So if we go shopping while in a bad mood, we are more likely to buy something more expensive, bigger, or in larger quantity just because we need to receive more of this positive feelings it is highly likely to buy at this exact moment.

2. Look for up to 3 things at a time

After shopping with hundreds of clients I’ve realized that most people don’t buy what they need simply because they are not able to focus! Noticing 20 types of clothes at the same time is really hard work to do and probably impossible for some. So next time you enter a store be aware of what exactly you are trying to find there. Otherwise, you will never find it!

3. Visit only small stores where you can receive personal attention from the staff

That way you could have all the sizes and colors they have in stock even if not displayed on the shelves. It is more likely to feel lonely and lost in big mass market stores, rather than in a tiny one. Another positive side of the small shop is that you will be able to get oriented and notice the right clothes for you way faster than in a big department store;

4. Have a shopping list with the exact items you need to buy!

I mean a really precise list. Describe the type of the item, its shade, its shape and how you would like to match it with your current clothes. This will help you ignore the clothes that are not for you in the store. Just pick the one that is related to the list. I know there are temptations out there but if a piece of clothing is calling your name so bad it means you have to give it a chance (these moments are rare anyway);

5. Make sure you have a deadline for your shopping experience.

If you don’t limit your time in the mall, you are about to spend hours wandering around, eventually exhausted without buying the items you needed. You can use this rule for your online shopping as well. It can get hours, days, weeks if you don’t set a limit of how long to stare at the screen. You will be amazed at how well this rule works!

It is always better to shop with the intention of buying something instead of with a must! When you go shopping with a strong willingness to buy something it is very possible that you will get nervous and not enjoy the process.

* Well last but not least… Having a Professional Fashion Stylist while shopping certainly helps! 🙂

About Tia

virtual stylist

Tia Stankova is an international fashion stylist and personal shopper. For more than 17 years she has been working in the fashion field as a costume designer and creating tailor-made clothing. Now she works virtually and in person with customers from Europe, Canada, and the United States.

  • Graduate Designer and Master in Economic;
  • Graduate of NYIAD, New York in Styling;
  • A host of the biggest styling events in Bulgaria “Dress code for success”, “Style and clothing” and “Total Makeover”;
  • Speaker of in-house employees training “Corporate dress code”;
  • Honored TV guest on topics like fashion, fashion choices, celebrity styles, trends, styling tips, and others;
  • Founder of a woman’s fashion brand for clothes made out of organic fabrics;
  • Designer of uniforms for bank employees, dental and medical clinics, SPA and others;
  • Author of two e-books published in Amazon.
  • Listed on, Airbnb and TripAdvisor as a Style Expert and Personal Shopper;
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