And The Winner Of 2020`s Color Of The Year Is …

Declared as most reliable and providing a sense of strength and security, the choice of 2020`s color is indisputably one of the most popular shades amongst males and females of all races and budgets. Color that goes along with just about any outfit…you guessed it, classic blue is back on track!

Classic Blue in Fashion

From celebrities at this year`s Golden Globes to Louis Vuitton`s latest Men`s Fall-Winter 2020 collection of Virgil Abloh, representing the mystical power of clouds, we can definitely say that 2020`s colors, the Classic Blue is timeless, as well as genderless and elegant in its own simplicity. When in doubt, one can always rely on a blue outfit as it generally implies peace and serenity. 

Psychology of the blue outfit

Psychologists describe blue as the most suitable color to wear for a job interview. It is no incident that recently we see more classy suits in blue instead of the traditional black. A blue outfit suggests confidence, effectiveness and trust. That is exactly the reason why a larger part of the working uniforms are created in blue. According to some psychologists, we subconsciously expect from one wearing the color of 2020 to be considerate, kind, conscientious, calm and even shy. This color could help you stand out in a crowd. It is wonderful choice for a dress, skirt, trousers, shoes (those memorable Manolo`s that Carrie almost forgot in her and Big`s apartment when they separated – what a loss that would have been!) 

But How Should I Wear It?

Basically, it is safe to say that this specific shade of blue suits nearly all skin and hair colors. Needless to say, classic blue matches almost all colors. You could wear it in a whole outfit and leave out simply one accessory in a different color, perhaps pastel or white. Traditionally blue is best combined with white, nude and black. Neutral colors highlight the effect of blue and add irresistible charm to your appearances.

  • A blue dress or a coat with black high heel shoes will always make you look classy and posh – just take a glimpse at the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton`s style.
  • You can add blue as an accent in your outfit, a bag or a scarf. The necessity to match your shoes and handbag is long gone. If you prefer to be on the safe side, black shoes with a luxurious blue bag will definitely draw the right attention to you.
  • Blue could also be your choice of a dominant color in all your accessories for a balanced and complete vision. And let`s not forget, it may be the color of 2020 but we`ve been more than familiar with the classic blue jeans for a very long time – that universal piece of clothing that is perfect and comfy for your everyday routine, office or night life.
  • For a more formal occasion you could definitely count on the ultimate classic – blue and gold combo. A beautiful gown in intense blue, matched with golden shoes and a delicate jewel is a true fashion masterpiece and the perfect outfit for every occasion.

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