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VIP Annual Virtual Styling Package

You’ve dreamed of this your entire life…every woman has! Now you too can be admired, appreciated and adored by those that matter most.

Are you ready to have Tia as your very own Personal Style Concierge, 24/7?

On the entire planet you can find no one who will care about your look as much as you do, in the way that you do.

A real fashion makeover with styling “lessons, shopping experiences and fashion programming for the next 12 months. This is a step by step process where you will ultimately develop your own creative styling tastes. Tia walks with you, hand in hand, as you gradually feel more confident creating your new looks.

This VIP Virtual Styling Package saves you time and money because you will never again spend time wondering which clothes are best for you. Be honest. How many tops do you have in your closet that you’ve either worn once or worse, never? You will definitely never again spend money on clothes that will sit in your closet without wearing them. Tia is here to help.

For one full year, you and Tia talk one on one:

Each week, you’ll discuss your current style. You’ll find out what you’re doing right, because you are doing some things right! And you’ll find out where you have the fastest way to making quick improvements in your total look.

What you haven’t done in the past is set a timeframe, a real plan where you will make the changes you’ve always known you had to make but didn’t know WHAT they were…until now.

How does it work?


You begin with your current look…your current wardrobe. You find out what you’re doing and why and then you are shown where you do too much and not enough. Very few people can look in the mirror and have any idea about the images you present in the public. You can’t possibly see yourself in the same way they see you. Now Tia will show you what you look like to the rest of the world and what it’s doing positively and negatively to your every day life.

That means you’ll get to talk about your fears related to dressing and all the worries that hold you back. You know what that means? Exactly. Those are the fears you have every single day. You look in the mirror and you WONDER.

No more.

Now you discuss with a seasoned professional, the rules of the perfect styles for you. And yes, even if you and Tia work together for 7 years, you’ll still need to know YOUR rules for your own best looks. You’ll discover what to pick up and not get when you go shopping on that random unexpected visit to the mall with a friend.


As you become clear on your looks and the vibe of your fashion feel, you’ll begin to ask better questions of Tia. You’ll soon be moving up level after level. Soon your closet will have each piece that you want and need. There will be more waste.

The day you clear the waste out is a hard day. It’s a day you realize that you were lost.

And of course, that doesn’t happen any more.

What’s the big mistake everyone else makes? You already know the answer.

Your friends walk in the store and pick what “looks nice.”They choose what looks good. And it does. Just not on them.

They saw it on TV or in a magazine.

But you don’t work on tv and you don’t live in a magazine. You live in a real world, with a real office. You have a real partner or husband and you have the desire to look great to the people around you.

And THAT is why you absolutely must have a professional who has been around the block working for you. In just one year you can actually elevate the way you think about your look in the eyes of others. And that is no small thing.

Do you want others to say, “Wow! I’ve never seen her look so good?”

Or… would you prefer… nothing?

It’s that simple.

The beautiful part about bringing out your inner beauty with fashion is something everyone yearns for. And now you can do it.

Think about it like this. Black makes you look slimmer, right?

Of course.

But, what happens when EVERYONE is wearing black?

That’s the problem right?

You don’t want everyone to see you as being “just like everyone else,”because you aren’t! Don’t worry, Tia isn’t going to turn you into a peacock over night. That stretches the comfortable zone too far too fast.
But just like every other woman you’d like to look thinner and feel better and comfortable wearing something other than black. True?


Then of course there is “going with your feeling”and how you “feel”wearing this or that, right? You’ve heard the girl selling you the clothes tell you do this…how many times? A hundred? They get paid to do just that. They don’t really care all that much (sorry) about whether it looks good. They have to put food on the table at home and need you to buy something, today and encourage exactly that.

The fact is that sometimes you need to leave the store because there simpley is no YOU to be FOUND in the store! That’s not a bad thing, it’s a great thing! Your individuality is what will evolve with time. You move slowly into your most remarkable, beautiful and sophisticated self. If anyone could dress you that way today, it’s Tia. But she won’t do anything to make you nervous. She’ll show you how to grow confident step by step, week by week because that’s what you need, right?

  You deserve and you will HAVE that incredible stylish look. And that is pretty exciting! And remember you won’t be running in the fashion Olympics right away because it’s too easy to trip. You’ll go at the pace that is best for YOU.

Here’s what happened to you over the last 20 years.

You got into the habit of going to the store and year after year you became more and more “careful”and you chose more and more clothes that would not allow you to stand out.

Then what happened?

All of your clothes (that you actually wear) started to look alike.

Remember the day you walked in your closet and realized that NOTHING looked good?

Don’t worry it happen with every single woman on the planet.

Does this sound familiar? You held top after top and then put it back on the rack in your own cloest only to realize you had absoliutely nothing to wear.

Next step?

Go to the mall and you end up at the same store you always end up and what do you buy?

Of course.

The same exact kind of blouses, pants and accessories you always do.

And where do they end up?

Of course.

Right on the hangar next to all the other clothes.

It’s these experiences that you’ll never have again. Sure, Tia will let you try on the same pair of pants you’ve always bought. She wants you to see the DIFFERENCE between what you have become familiar with which you know doesn’t really make you look BETTER but stops you from looking…well… worse. The fact is that it’s important to not regress, but this is where the gold is!! Now you begin to take a few small steps forward. And this is where every other woman you know will make the same mistake over and over. Because she doesn’t have Tia to help you KNOW what is your obvious and best choice she will end up with  a closet full of “popular clothes.” In less than one year, you’ll be able to see how all of your friends shop. You’ll understand what happened when they went in the store and wasted their hard earned money on something they would never wear again. In fact… you might rightly wonder if they ever took the price tag off the clothes….

You have a “sense of beauty.”(Really!)

And a BIG part of what Tia does is allow you to wake up to that fragrance…that sense… that incredible creative piece that has been lying dormant deep inside of you for the last 20 years.

How could it have gotten BURIED in the first place?

It’s really obvious isn’t it?

You went to school where, if you didn’t dress like the cool girls, you were looked down upon. Then you went to work where you were obligated to cut even more clothes out of the possible choices. Then you got married or had a relationship with a bunch of people who told you that you didn’t look good in even more clothes. THEN you might have gotten pregnant or gained weight from any myriad of reasons! And what was left?


And don’t get me wrong, Tia loves black because it is a great “color,”but it’s only ONE color and YOU are burgeoning with DOZENS of colors that all touch different emotions and feelings inside of you. It’s these colors, the combinations, the patterns, the fabrics, the feel of the clothes, the closeness to your skin which is SO sensate… that make a woman.

Think about it for a moment.

You have shut this down for 20 years.

Now you get your life back.

It’s that simple.

Give yourself permission to unlock that place inside of you that is beautiful and sweet. Maybe today it’s angry or frustrated. Perhaps tomorrow it will be hopeful and kind. One thing is for sure… you’ve been pushed around by the world…and now…it’s time to PUSH BACK.

Beginning today you use the VIP Styling Package that until now only celebrities could use.xxxxxx

No more.


How Does it Work?

It’s Easy!

Step 1) Book Your VIP Styling Package……xxxxxxxService

After you book this service you will receive a personal message from Tia with all the details, dates and instructions that you will need to know to begin RIGHT NOW!

Step 2 Share with Tia a Bit of You

Here is where Tia will ask you to answer a few questions so she can have a better picture of you and your current style. You’ll show her what makes you comfortable today, the kind of clothes you avoid, tell her how you shop and what you wear pretty much every day.

Step 3 Your First Virtual ‘Style Therapy Consultation 


You already did that!

Of course, but did your therapist explain that when your feelings went to heck so did your “look?”

That’s because they don’t teach that in Psych 101.

Only Tia does this very special consultation with her clients.

This is your first 60 minute, 1 on 1, video call. You will have a very personal conversation about all your needs, goals, fears, challenges and dreams related to clothing and styling in general. A little nervous? Don’t worry. Ask Tia why SHE was nervous at one point in HER life!

She’s just like you. She understands everything you are going through and everything you have been through. In ONE minute you’ll feel at ease and comfortable knowing with certainty that she will see your heart and soul as well as your dreams and aspirations while mending your fears and pain. A lot goes into clothing “choices”which really aren’t “choices”at all are they? That’s why you end up at the same rack with the same clothes every time you go to the store.

You get to go through numerous pictures of outfits with Tia. She will ask you to tell her what you think of the whole look and whether you would wear it or not. The decision can of course change with time, so be aware that in six months you might end up with something that is no appropriate for TODAY!


Each DAY for TWO weeks (!) Tia will help you by looking at your clothing changes each day. (You take the photo and send it to Tia. She writes back with her comments and for this month, this bonus service is included at no additional fee.)

For example, Monday you are encouraged to wear a jacket. Tuesday it will be suggested to add a scarf or maybe casual shoes. Tia will also need you to act with a creative flair! If you haven’t felt creative about your look, you will now!

Each day you will take a picture of you with the outfit and Tia will feedback on your entire look. It is a revelation to see what you are doing well and what you will do differently next time!

A 1 on 1 consultation with Tia…that keeps you in touch with a premiere fashion mind for two weeks!


Step 4 Receive your Complete VIP Personal Style Analysis

Within 10 days Tia will deliver to you your comprehensive VIP Personal Style Analysis which includes:

– color analysis and the best palette of colors that will flatter your skin tone, hair shade and eyes

– body shape analysis and tips for the best patterns that you can wear while growing in the feelings of beauty and confidence. And of course you’ll get lots of NEW ideas about what to look for at those special sales. Tia will show you your best “fits” and what “cuts”of clothes will make you look your absolute best.  Now you will know what to bring home from the store.

– style analysis where you will be shown which is your perfect “style type.” followed by the key items that will help identify your unique style and present it to the world;

– your own personal mood board with outfits and creative ideas of what the  best looks for you are;

Step 5) Get your VIP Personal Virtual Closet managed by Tia

Tia will also create a very special VIRTUAL CLOSET for you where you will find all your outfits suggestions specially made for you:

– 20 fully packed outfits created for your body type and personal style;

Behind each of the outfits you will have links to the online stores where you can buy the items. Tia will want you to go to the store to touch and feel BUT being able to buy online is a great gift. Why? Because online you can shop 20 stores in the time it would take you to shop one in person. Sometimes you want to see 50 tops so you can choose from the very best choices. As you become familiar with buying great clothes, shopping online gets easier and easier!

A big advantage of shopping online of course is that you don’t have to invest in all these garments today. You’ll actually have money to shop next month!

This is almost exactly like your own “living wardrobe,” but here you have Tia to answer your questions under every picture Tia sends you.

You can also add pictures of clothes that you already own so you can discuss with her new ideas how to match them with your new choices.

Step 6 Weekly updates of your appearance

You’ve already figured this out but just in case… Tia thinks ahead for you!  Now you have time to do the many other things in life that you either must do or deserve to do. One thing is certain….your life is about to get a lot easier and much more fun!

Each week Tia will work with you for 2 full hours in a specific aspect of fashion and accessories that she needs you to be focused on.

– Tia can, upon special request, shop on your behalf for new clothes for your virtual wardrobe matching them into complete outfits. The new outfits could be about your everyday life or upcoming event;

– She can help you maintain and organize your wardrobe creating a better system for keeping your evolving collection of clothes, jewelry, accessories;

– Tia will of course give you feedback about outfits that you are trying to put together. She’ll also confirm for you whether you REALLY want to buy “that” item or not.

– On occasion she will  send you confidential, private and professional tutorial videos specially recorded for you about topics that you need to know more about. For example: Tia will probably create a video for you about how to creatively layer your clothing (especially if you live north!)

– She will give you your own personal rules so you will eventually know how to correctly match the belt with your clothing, how to REALLY apply everyday make up, and of course you’ll be shown the rules for what might be less common situations, like, matching tights with clothes and even many more.

– Upon special request, Tia will on occasion, also prepare your full capsule wardrobe for an upcoming trip for work or pleasure so you don’t have to think;

Step 7 You ask/Tia answers within 48 hours

No kidding!

No matter what question you have about your look, you can write a message to Tia asking her for advice. She will catch up with you within 48 hours giving you the best advice so you can develop and go in deep of the style world.

“After 6 months of work with Tia, I had an incredible improvement in my style and appearance. My husband is making me so many compliments and it seems he falls in love with me every day, saying he would marry me again.” – Sonya

” You are dressing not only the people’s bodies, but also their souls.” – Ivaylo

VIP Annual Virtual Styling Package

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