What NOT TO wear to a wedding 2018

Weddings are a great occasion to dress festively and a bit differently from our everyday style. However, this can sometimes cause a great deal of confusion, leading to a mix between various styles. What is appropriate and what not to wear to a wedding is something everybody should know.



When starting to prepare our outfit for a wedding, we wish to select the perfect clothing in order to show our best side. This often leads to experiments with fabrics, lengths and patterns, which, however, are not always desirable, being totally inappropriate for the event.

Although weddings are a social event that single ladies have the opportunity to meet their potential soulmate, it is good to remember that it is appropriate to follow a certain dress code.


Too tight a clothing

With the help of the tight clothing, we can undoubtedly demonstrate our beautiful lady curves and the body we are proud of. However, а wedding is hardly the right occasion for too revealing or too tight clothes. For a wedding it is good to choose a bit ​​more conservative clothes that will not embarrass us in case we get introduced to the newlyweds` parents,  for instance.

Black or white

There is hardly a person who does not know that white isn`t the most suitable choice when attending a wedding as a guest. It is the color of the bride, and no one else should  take advantage of it except in the cases the dress code requires it. If you would choose to wear black on the other hand, it is good to add a large colorful accessory to refresh your outfit.

Animal prints

I firmly believe that every woman should own at least one animal print garment or an accessory in their closet- for example, shoes, purse, handbag, belt or even just the lapel of a jacket. This provides a slight playfulness to almost every look. I recommend avoiding it, however, when talking about wedding celebrations as it could show bad taste and is not suitable for almost any type of wedding party.

Too deep neckline and too short skirt length

Even if we are invited to a wedding that takes place on the beach where dress code is casual, it is good to keep in mind that the boundary between the sexy playful outfit and  looking tacky and too slutty is very thin. If we wish to show more of our body, choose either the neckline or the legs, but never both.

Transparent fabrics

Too transparent clothes are also not the best option as far as a wedding concerned. If we still want to show a little more of our body, the lace as a fabric is a wonderful option for the purpose, whether simply as a detail or a full lace dress.

Lots of sequins

If we are dressed in sequins from head to toe, it reminds of a Christmas party dress instead of a wedding. In case you love sequins and want them to be present in your outfit, you could just use them in a certain part of your appearance, but certainly not in the whole dress.


While women prepare their clothes several months before a wedding, the situation with men is exactly the opposite. Generally they consider their clothing not being particularly important, thus deciding that hardly anyone would pay attention to it. That, dear gentlemen, is incorrect. The very fact that you got invited to a wedding means that someone finds you extremely important and the newlyweds would definitely appreciate it if you reciprocate that respect with proper clothing.


Inappropriate shoes

Inappropriate shoes may be those that are too open (like slippers) or the sports shoes you use to the gym. None of these options is suitable for a wedding. If the event is to take place on the beach and the dress code is more casual, textile or suede loafers are a very good alternative. If we are talking about a more traditional wedding, it is good to rely on brown, beige, blue or even green and red shoes combined with the hue of the trousers.


I know that for the gentlemen convenience of clothing is above all. The comfort that a garment provides for them stands before the beauty. That said, very often they get tempted to choose jeans as an option for a wedding party, hoping no one will notice it. This, of course, cannot happen, especially nowadays, as all weddings get filmed with video and photos, thus saving you in the memories of the newlyweds for life. Jeans are really a casual option of clothing when talking about a wedding dress code, but, believe me, show disrespect for the event no matter the location. Instead, if the wedding is indeed casual, you can rely on chino trousers or linen pants.


This piece of clothing is also not recommended for a wedding. When having a wedding it is good to have some festivity in our clothes – festivity that T-shirts definitely do not show. A shirt in a fresh and bright color or artistic pattern is always a very good idea. If the dress code is a little bit more elegant, it’s a wonderful idea to add a jacket or a blazer, or why not just an waistcoat. And if the dress code is really casual polo t-shirts can be a good alternative to the simple t-shirt.


In highly rare cases /almost never/, shorts are a suitable option for a wedding. It is usually small friendly circle weddings that take place in the midsummer, perhaps on the beach or in a pleasant garden setting. In no other cases is it appropriate to choose shorts as an option for a wedding party.

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