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7 tips from a Fashion Stylist 2018

It is spring again and the wedding season is at its peak. Traditionally, many newlyweds prefer this season to tie the knot. The main reason is the weather – still not too hot and not cold at same time. Here are some fashion tips for the guests’ clothing to help make this holiday even more special for everyone.

  1. Determine the style of the wedding

For this purpose you should pay attention to 3 things before selecting your outfit. First of all, see if there is a dress code that the newlyweds have stated at the invitation. If not noted, things that will help you get oriented are whether the wedding will be during the day or evening, and where it will take place. Depending on these components, there are generally three types of dress code – strictly elegant, semi – elegant, casual. The names themselves can help you find out what clothes to target. Of course, daytime weddings are preferable to bright colors, and for evening dark ones.

  1. Choose clothes according to your body type

What I always recommend, both for ladies and gentlemen, is to choose their clothes according to their body type. Of course, a wedding is a particularly good place to pay attention to that. The golden rule for the perfect look is to achieve balance between the upper and lower body – for example, a lady bigger on the botton is good to balance her look by choosing bright jewelry to attract attention to the upper body. This trick can also be used vise versa, depending which part of the body we want to focus. For the gentlemen achieving this effect is by playing with patterns.

  1. Pay attention to the fabrics and designs

When we talk about more elegant and traditional weddings, the most suitable fabrics for ladies are satin, chiffon, silk, lace. However, if the wedding is more casual, we can also afford fabrics such as satin cotton.

Gentlemen invited to more elegant weddings are allowed woolen fabrics for suits and jackets, as well as cotton for shirts. If it is a more casual, it is also possible to bet on cotton fabric for the pants or linen fabrics in shirts and suits.

Although black and dark shades optically slim the figure, it is not good to overuse them, as the colorful and light pastel shades are far more festive.

  1. Break up the clothing, but with balance

Indeed, there are numerous options as far as a wedding party is concerned. In spite of the style-related constraints, most weddings provide enough alternatives both for ladies and gentlemen.

For instance, ladies are not obliged to wear a dress. A wonderful idea would be to make a difference with a skirt and a blouse or even a suit. If we want to show more flesh, the options with different necklines would make this opportunity – the neckline with a bare shoulder or bare back, maybe thin straps or straps. Breaking the vision, we can achieve with the accessories by adding a tiaras or an interesting hat, and maybe a bigger jewel and a non – standard bag that nowhere else can we put on.

It would be extremely good for the gentlemen to wear a jacket and trousers in different colors instead of a monochrome suit, as well as a slightly more sporty jacket. It is a great idea to replace the jacket only with an electrician, which, in addition to everything else, will give them a very modern look. Let us not forget that an artistic accessory could also be the socks, which can always make the whole vision more interesting and unusual if their right is different from the everyday.

  1. Never buy a garment that is not your size.

Did you ever buy a garment that is smaller for you with the idea that after a short diet this garment will become yours. Often when we are invited to a wedding, and especially in the case of a very close wedding, we buy our clothes at least a month before the event, precisely with that thought. However, this is rarely happening. These few pounds, which are so painful and we do not take them off, and that causes us the discomfort of choosing clothing. Therefore, I would like to pay attention to you and to take only clothes that you feel beautiful today and now. The situation in which you do not allow yourself to eat anything at the event because you are worried about the width of your garment is really disconcerting, and it will also affect your mood.

  1. Take note of the color of the wedding and other guests.

If you have the opportunity, you should always know in advance what the main predominant world of the wedding will be. This can save you uncomfortable situations if you find your dress is in exactly the same shade. If you are part of the bride or groom’s close relatives, it is probably a good idea to stick to your ideas with others as it is not possible to have a lot of similar garments that will deprive you of individuality.

  1. If you are invited as a couple, combine your garments.

And here I do not mean to dress like a twin brother and sister. This is not the case, but it would be great if you can make a link to a certain color of the dress with a part of a shirt design, for example. This gives the idea of a whole. If you find this too sweet, let your attire at least be in one style. It seems really ridiculous if the man is dressed casually, and the woman has a sophisticated long dress.

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