3 Winter Style Tricks

A week ago I asked all my clients if they were able to successfully apply all the styling tips I gave them. It turns out that the winter season is much more challenging for them than the rest of the year. Not just for them, I suppose, but for all the other ladies.
So I decided to share some ideas about how you can stay inspired and stylish, even in the cold months:

1. Add color

In winter, nature doesn’t have many colors, but our wardrobe can compensate for that. Top to bottom in bright colors or just as an accent (shoes, belt, hat, scarf, bag). As much as you would like. The point is to avoid “all in black” look.

3 Winter Style Tricks - How to Look Good Even in Winter

Helsinki, zalando.co.uk

2. Play with the layers

Winter is the perfect season to play with the lengths of different clothes. Here’s just one option: put on a knee-length dress, add a longer or shorter waistcoat (or a cardigan), emphasize the waist with a belt, and complete the look with a necklace or a scarf. Enjoy the result!

3 Winter Style Tricks - How to Look Good Even in Winter

Anna Field, zalando.co.uk

3. Accessories

Some of the most charming winter accessories are the brooches. Worn on a jacket, dress, shirt or coat, they can elevate your look to the next level. You will look classy and chic.

3 Winter Style Tricks - How to Look Good Even in Winter

Sweet Delux, zalando.co.uk

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